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Before Leaving Campus

___ Check WyoWeb/CAPP for your remaining graduation requirements.

___ Request a graduation check from the UW Office of the Registrar.

___ Submit intended graduation date to the Office of the Registrar in writing.

___ Review relevant sections of the WTEP Handbook.

___ Register for EDSE 4500 with the instructions provided by the OTE.

Candidates at UW/CC will register through the UW office in that region.

Note: 1)  Secondary Post-Baccalaureate students (except K-12 Art) register for

    11 credits of EDSE 4500 and 4 credits of EDCI 5990.

2)  Post-Baccalaureate K-12 ART students register for EDSE 4500 for

    6 credits, EDEL 4500 for 5 credits, and EDCI 5990 for 4 credits.

Early in the Residency Semester

___Review responsibilities and timelines as provided in the WTEP Handbook.

___Develop a tentative semester plan with the mentor teacher and UW faculty/consultant.

___Review the outcomes rubric on a weekly basis and keep your mentor teacher up-to-date on areas not yet demonstrated.

___Develop a schedule and a process for making notations on the outcomes rubric.

___Develop a schedule for journaling if required for your Residency evaluation.

___Develop a schedule with your mentor teacher for regular sharing/feedback discussions. Let your UW faculty/consultant know what the schedule is.

___In consultation with your mentor teacher, plan for all required videotaped teaching assignments.

___Strongly recommended: Set up and begin to collect the information for your employment credentials file with the UW Center for Advising and Career Services at

http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/cacs/student/education/ . Keep copies for your


Midway through the Semester

___Document practice with, or completion of, outcomes (weekly) on the rubric.

___Write the critique/summary for the first videotaped lesson in the classroom and debrief with your mentor teacher. Add notes from this debriefing to your outcomes rubric.

___Photograph selected lessons and activities that you create (e.g., bulletin boards, student projects, field trips, school-wide activities). [optional]

___Review the job search and certification process (see these appendices of the WTEP Handbook: The Job Search and Wyoming Teacher Certification).

___Complete the midterm evaluation with your mentor teacher no later than week 8.

___Dual majors and K-12 certification candidates (Art and Music): midterm occurs in the 4th week of the semester of the first experience, final evaluation is completed during week 7. The second experience follows the same time frame.

___SECONDARY & ART: Mail the original midterm evaluation(s) to the Department of Secondary Education Attn: Marilyn McDonald (1000 E. University Ave., Dept. 3374; Laramie, WY 82071-3374). Keep a copy of this signed evaluation for your records!

___Complete professional portfolio draft and share the draft with the UW Faculty/Consultant.

___Schedule mock interview with the principal and the interview team as required for your final evaluation. Consult with your UW Faculty/Consultant if you have questions about this in preparation for spring job fairs.

End of the Semester


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