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___Complete all assignments found in the Residency syllabi for your content area.

___Complete professional portfolio.

___Complete mock interview.

___Complete exit interview with the mentor teacher and/or UW Faculty/Consultant as required for your final evaluation.

___  Review the professional portfolio with the UW Faculty/Consultant

___Read, review and sign the final Residency evaluation. Keep a copy of this signed evaluation for your records!

Final Week of Residency

___Mail the exit interview and all original final evaluation materials to the Office of Secondary Education. Your UW Faculty/Consultant will specify the submission process.

___Return borrowed teaching materials, teachers’ guides, library/media materials, etc.

___Return keys or other property.

___ Complete the Preservice Mentor Teacher Reflections form and return it to your UW Faculty/Consultant.

___ Leave grades and evaluations for students in your classroom(s) with the mentor teacher.


Review all sections of the WTEP Handbook relevant to Residency.

Attend the mandatory orientation meeting prior to the beginning of the semester. (Your Methods instructor(s) will know these dates for your Residency assignment.)

Participate in the mandatory Mentor Teacher/Resident Workshop. (Your Methods instructor(s) will know this date for your Residency assignment.)

Be aware of UW College of Education, Department, and Office of Teacher Education policies and deadlines.

Be aware of school district policies and building expectations.

ALWAYS demonstrate professional behavior and dress when interacting in a public school setting (classroom, district office, with parents, etc.).

Develop a close association with the mentor teacher; take advantage of their professional knowledge and experiences.

Prepare and teach assigned lessons with proficiency. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are ready to be a teacher!

Accompany the mentor teacher to faculty, grade level, department, and IEP meetings, as well as other activities in which your mentor teacher participates as part of his/her responsibility.

Be aware of the required outcomes for successful completion of EDEL or EDSE 4500.

Work with your mentor teacher to develop a classroom management plan congruent with their procedures and expectations.

Start your reflective journal.

Recognize and acknowledge the mentor teacher as the ultimate authority within the classroom.

Respect and follow the order of organizational lines in case of problems: (a) talk with your mentor teacher; (b) talk with your UW Faculty/Consultant, (c) talk with your school principal only after your UW Faculty/Consultant advises you to do so, and (d) talk with your CoEd Department Head or the Director of Teacher Education.

Become familiar with the students in your class(es) and any special needs.

Adjust to, rather than try to change, the classroom culture supported by the mentor teacher.


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