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and document increasing responsibility in the classroom through the semester (see below for content details). The reflective journal will be submitted for review during the midterm evaluation, exit interview, and final evaluation as one verification of successful completion of the outcomes as required by your major and/or your UW Faculty/Consultant.

Professional portfolio (see below for content details). Evaluated by the mentor teacher during the exit interview and by the UW Faculty/Consultant as part of your final grade for EDXX 4500.

Teaching video with the lesson plan and written critique (see below for content details).

Reviewed prior to the end of the semester by the UW Faculty/Consultant as part of your final grade for EDXX 4500. The UW Faculty/Consultant may ask to view the video during the semester. The student teacher should be prepared to submit a copy of the video with other final evaluation materials at the end of the semester if required for your major.

Mock interview with building principal or other mock interview team as determined by your mentor teacher and UW Faculty/Consultant.

Reflective Journal Contents

Reflections of activities - strengths and weaknesses, with written rationale that documents understanding of both.

Reflections of classroom interactions - strengths and weaknesses, with rationale that documents understanding of both.

Questions for mentor teacher.

Ideas and suggestions for improving your professional practice.

Follow-up notations of what you gained from sharing journal entries with your mentor teacher and/or your UW Faculty/Consultant.


No prescribed format, but an interactive format between mentor teacher and student teacher is strongly encouraged. The mentor teacher might actually write in your journal, or you might transcribe (with dates) their comments. You will provide a full copy of the reflective journal for review at midterm and at exit (if required for your major).

Computer written, legibly handwritten, OR a combination of methods.

Entries must be on a regular basis—twice weekly—at a minimum.

The person who completes the exit interview (for Elementary and K-12 Music majors) is responsible for reading the journal. If, for some reason, there are journal entries that should not be shared with him/her, ask the UW Faculty/Consultant to read the journal as the third party. Journaling should be an enjoyable, honest experience than can be a valuable resource during the novice years of teaching.

Professional Portfolio REQUIRED Contents

A one-page resume; prepared for job interviewing or applications.

The letter of reference from your mentor teacher(s) that is part of your final evaluation of Residency.

A current copy of your WyoWeb transcript.

Statement of your teaching philosophy and professional qualities (one page) and/or the belief matrix (see page 31).

Outline of a unit developed and taught by you during the Residency semester.

Lesson plan developed and taught by you during Residency (may include samples of student work and comments/feedback from your mentor teacher).

Documentation of computer/technology skills. If you are using the portfolio itself to serve this purpose, include a brief (half page) statement as to the types of hardware and software that you used to create your portfolio.

A description of your path (highlights and timeline) through the WTEP (one to two pages).


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