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Copy of the final evaluation from your Residency.


Materials/information/artifacts from course portfolios.

Excerpts from your reflective journal, especially those that show areas of growth and reflection--one entry from the beginning of the semester, the middle, and the end (one page maximum).

Photographs, with captions, showing active participation in your Residency classroom.

Special honors/recognition for professional development activities or academic achievements.

Memberships/offices held in professional organizations.

Letters of recommendation from individuals other than the mentor teacher that are testament to your professional capabilities.


No more than 12 plastic sleeves (excluding section delineators) and organized by section. Using the plastic sleeves allows you to include up to 24 pages.

Three-ring binder with transparent plastic page protectors (front-to-back) and/or a CD-ROM in protective case.

Video Reflection

Use syllabi requirements for your content area. Contact UW Faculty/Consultant if you have questions.


Student teachers are expected to report when the public school session begins after winter break. It is the residency candidate’s responsibility to arrive based on the district’s expectation. Check with your mentor teacher well in advance to determine what the date is for the district to which you are assigned. If there are inservice or other professional activities planned before classes convene, you are expected to participate in those activities with your mentor teacher. See the calendar on page 3.

Assuming you have met the attendance requirements for your Residency assignment: The last day of Residency for spring semester is the Friday before UW finals week in May.

Student teachers observe the school district calendar, not the UW calendar.

All absences must be reported to your UW Faculty/Consultant as soon as possible. University regulations govern student absences during the Residency semester.

When an absence occurs, lesson plans and accompanying materials must be sent to the school/mentor teacher prior to the start of the school day, just as if you were the teacher of record for that classroom preparing for a substitute.

You may be required to make up excused absences (up to four) as determined by your mentor teacher and the UW Faculty/Consultant. The mentor teacher and the UW Faculty/Consultant should approve excused absences in advance whenever possible. More than four (4) absences during the Residency semester must be discussed among the mentor teacher, the student teacher, and the UW Faculty/Consultant. Any absences beyond the four excused absences must be made up in consultation with the mentor teacher and UW Faculty/Consultant. The student teacher is responsible for all arrangements to complete evaluation outcomes.

Daily attendance—on time--is expected during residency except during illness or an emergency. The UW Faculty/Consultant must be informed of all illnesses and emergencies in a timely fashion.

Extended absences will be made up according to the timeframe set by the mentor teacher and the UW Faculty/Consultant.


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