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The Belief Matrix includes statements of a variety of individual beliefs. When complete, the student teacher has a one-page reflection of who she/he is as a teacher. The matrix is a positive foundation and confidence builder, and an aid in interview situations. The matrix may be included in your professional portfolio.

To develop the matrix:

Use the sample as a guide. You may or may not choose to use the embedded prompts.

Adjust the headings in each box or add additional headings to reflect individual beliefs.

List topical descriptors in each box which describe teaching beliefs, valued practices, and personalized statements about who you are as an educator.

Other headings may include: Me, Professional Development, Current Issues, and/or Personal Philosophy.

Belief Matrix* of [insert candidate name here]


What is the importance of aligning curriculum with WYCAS standards?

Where are my opportunities to integrate my curriculum with other content areas?

School as a Community

What characteristics contribute to a school being a worthwhile community?

How can I use democracy as a platform to develop community in my classroom?


What specific technology skills do I currently have?

What examples do I have of using technology to support or enhance instruction in my classroom?

Classroom Management

What theoretical foundation grounds my philosophy for classroom management?

What are 5 characteristics of a classroom that is being well-managed for students at XX grade level(s)?


Why are both formative and summative assessments important tools for a teacher?

What are 5 characteristics of assessments that I consider for every large unit of instruction?

Is/should assessment in my classroom connected to the School Improvement Plan?

Instructional Strategies

What are 4 different instructional strategies that I have used and why did I make each choice?

What are some fundamental differences between behavioral, cognitivist, and constructivist learning strategies?

Parent Involvement

What are two examples of parent involvement that have had positive results for your class or an individual child?

If a parent came to you and wanted to be more involved in their child’s education, what suggestions would you give?

Personal Strengths

What personal characteristics do you bring to the profession of teaching that you expect of every teacher?

Why would a school district want to hire you?

Professional Development

What do you expect to be your professional development challenges and opportunities in the first 5 years of your teaching career?

How will you monitor your professional development needs in parallel with re-certification requirements and potential changes in certification requirements?

*Developed by S. Morrison, K. Von Krosigk, & B. Berube (12/2000)



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