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Level of Performance

Unsatisfactory (U)

Basic (B)

Proficient (P)

Distinguished (D)

13. Works effectively in a variety of ways with parents/guardian; Assists with evaluations and reports (e.g., report cards)  (CoEd 8.3)

* does not contact parents or guardians

* displays a lack of empathy for parental concerns

* depends entirely on mentor for evaluation input

* does not record student progress

* Needs guidance and suggestions from mentor on how to talk with parents/guardians

* makes minimal parent/guardian contact

* demonstrates limited ability to emphasize with parental concerns

* scores and records papers and written work, not always in a timely manner

* does limited assessment of instructional goals

* teams with mentor for guided experience when working with parents (i.e. conferences, telephone calls)

* responds to parental concerns professionally and with sensitivity in consultation with mentor

* assesses instructional goals consistently

* gathers assessment data and with minimal guidance from mentor

* scores and records student work accurately and in a timely manner

*assists with evaluations, report cards, etc.

* meets all proficient level expectations

* independently handles positive parent contacts

* seeks guidance from mentor with difficult parent problems

* conveys sincere caring and willingness to listen to parents/guardians and engages in open communication

* understands timely scores and records as a way to involve parents in student achievement




Level of Performance

Unsatisfactory (U)

Basic (B)

Proficient (P)

Distinguished (D)

14.  Participates in the professional life of the school and/or district; Demonstrates knowledge of the school improvement plan and demonstrates competence in collaborating in school improvement activities (CoEd 10.1)

* avoids becoming involved in school or district programs, project, or events

* does not participate in meetings, etc. or participates inappropriately

* shows lack of knowledge of school improvement plan

* does not become involved with school improvement activities

* participates when specifically asked with an appropriate level of participation

* demonstrates little or no desire to participate in outside programs or expansion of knowledge

* seeks information concerning school improvement plan

* minimal involvement, if any, with school improvement activities

* participates in meetings such as department, school-wide faculty meetings, interdisciplinary team meetings and contributes as necessary and appropriate

* demonstrates knowledge of school improvement plan

* observes teachers other than the mentor

* participates in school improvement activities as appropriate

* volunteer for at least one extra-curricular school activity (e.g., chaperone, club meeting, score-keeping, etc.)

* meets all proficient level expectations

* uses outside class time to participate in additional programs and/or professional development





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