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Discuss the problem(s) immediately with your mentor teacher if appropriate. Always contact your UW Faculty/Consultant, as well. In a Partner School setting, you may contact the Partner School Facilitator as the liaison with your UW Faculty/Consultant.

Contact the UW Faculty/Consultant if the problem(s) are not resolved between you and your mentor teacher. The call to the UW Faculty/Consultant may come from the student teacher, the mentor teacher, or a clinical liaison. The UW Faculty/Consultant will travel to the school immediately when his/her presence is required.

Mentor teachers and student teachers are strongly encouraged to share any and all concerns regarding the Residency experience at the first sign of difficulty. Experience tells us that by waiting to discuss any concerns, the problem is likely to escalate.


(Adopted 7.21.05)

“Both research and experience suggest that the models whom prospective teachers see in their university classes and during their internships have a major influence on the development of their teaching attitudes and practices. The evidence is persuasive that teachers who see themselves as students of teaching are the ones who continue to grow as individuals and as professionals.” (from Guidelines for the Preparation of Teachers of English)


It is in the best interest of districts, p-12 students, the CoEd, and preservice teachers for University faculty and district representatives to collaborate in identifying qualified and appropriate preservice mentor teachers. We recognize that the final approval of any teacher to serve as a preservice mentor is the decision of the school district. The district is responsible for the contractual responsibilities and performance evaluation of their faculty and will have knowledge of unique experiences, constraints, and strengths of which the UW College of Education (CoEd) will be unaware; in the same way that UW administration has contractual responsibilities and obligations to college faculty about which the districts will be unaware. That said, the deep historical partnerships that exist in Wyoming for teacher preparation field experiences provide an opportunity for the Wyoming Teacher Education Program (WTEP) to meet one accreditation criterion by including University faculty in the initial identification of potential preservice mentors.

Minimum criteria for initial consideration are:

employed on a Continuing Contract for the academic year that they would serve as a preservice mentor

has approval/support from the building principal to serve as a preservice mentor

has served as a peer mentor OR completed the peer mentoring program in their district (e.g., PathWise, CONNECT)

Additional criteria that will be considered prior to identification as a preservice mentor include:

record of active engagement in professional development activities (e.g., participation in state or district opportunities, active participation in WY School Improvement Conferences)

demonstrated strengths in classroom management

desire to serve as a preservice mentor in service to the profession of teaching

ability and willingness to implement exemplary instructional and assessment strategies


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