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ability and willingness to use personal reflections, student feedback, and feedback from colleagues to evaluate their practice and initiate actions to improve

strong communication and interpersonal skills

certification in content area and/or grade level

demonstrated ability to provide critical feedback and support improved pedagogy with preservice or inservice teachers

previous record and/or evaluations from serving as a preservice mentor

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification

The collaborative process for identification of potential preservice mentor teachers must be sensitive to a number of privacy, legal, ethical, and humanistic constraints. Once a district has identified a potential “pool” of preservice mentors who meet the minimal criteria stated above and any other district criteria that may be in place, the “pool” list will be shared with respective UW Department Heads to allow the opportunity to offer feedback. Department Heads will communicate concerns to the Director of Teacher Education. In parallel, the Office of Teacher Education will provide a list to the district of the UW Faculty/Consultants assigned to the preservice students in that district. If a concern arises on behalf of either party (the partner school district or the UW CoEd) regarding an identified mentor teacher or a UW Faculty/Consultant, the concern will be shared with the respective district CTL or PLC representative and/or the UW Director of Teacher Education. [If the concern arises in the district, the district CTL or PLC representative will contact the UW Director of Teacher Education to initiate a meeting. If the concern arises from the UW CoEd, the UW Director of Teacher Education will contact the district CTL or PLC representative to initiate a meeting.] These parties [the respective district CTL or PLC representative, the relevant UW Department Head, the respective building principal, and the UW Director of Teacher Education], as deemed appropriate, will gather to have a conversation and develop a mutual resolution that respects input and feedback from a variety of sources.


Preservice mentor teachers and administration (both building-level and district-level) must be motivated to support the CoEd in our mission to “Prepare Competent and Democratic Professionals.” As the development of these Guidelines has been a collaborative effort of the Wyoming School-University Partnership and the UW CoEd, a further expectation of preservice mentors and the respective administration is that they support and actively engage in the simultaneous renewal of schools and the education of educators. To help preservice mentor teachers know and understand the responsibilities and expectations of their role, preservice mentors will be required to participate in a preparation workshop (along with their preservice mentee) which will be delivered regionally in Wyoming focused on these goals:

Appropriate modeling and mentoring of professional behaviors of teachers

Appropriate modeling and mentoring of ethical behaviors of teachers

Importance of participation (with preservice mentees and long-term over a career) in professional development opportunities

Identification and modeling of effective instruction and assessment using research-based methods that enhance student learning

Need to demonstrate enthusiasm for the subject area and for teaching and learning

Importance of providing an environment that promotes innovation, inquiry, and growth within the classroom setting and as a member of a professional community

Supporting preservice teacher growth and development within the areas of planning, instructional strategies, and assessment of student learning

Supporting preservice teachers in developing an awareness of and interest in issues and problems of public education in general and the content area(s) in particular

Importance of providing preservice teachers with opportunities to develop skills using a variety of instructional strategies based on theory learned in pedagogy classes

Assisting preservice teachers in reflecting on the results of their teaching and providing feedback on pedagogy performance as well as on over-all classroom performance


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