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€1.00 per day late with a minimum of €25 euro.

About you: please mention how you knew us, more details will be appreciate. to know you better, please send your CV with picture and were you will be studying

Can i pay my rent in Cash?

It is not permitted to pay the manager in cash, but you can pay directly the bank in cash for information on how to pay your rent see this page: http://student-room.com/ rentpayinfo.html


Please give us the date and time of arrival and departure as soon you know it. Due to the fact that we have many reservations and the room cannot sit empty, make sure you change your date of arrival at least 30 days before the begining of the month. For example, if you reserve for the 1st, but you do not arrive until the 15th. You will still be charged from the 1st unless you give us 30 days prior notice. same biweekly rules as "departure" will apply, if you arrive on the 24 you will be charge for 1/2 month. If your room is not available immediately, exceptionaly you might have to share a room for few days (your price will be ajusted accordingly).

Where can i find the rental contract?

You can download a copy of the rental contract here: http://student-room.com/ contract2.doc you have to fill it and send it too us by email before arriving, and bring a printed copy to receive the key of your room, (there is a 10€ per week penalty)

I need proof of accommodation in France in order to apply for a French Visa/Bank Account, can you provide this?

Yes, provided you have a payed reservation or are already staying here, you can download and fill out a proof of accommodation form from our website located here: http://student- room.com/attestation.html which we will sign and stamp for validation. In cases where you are in a Foreign country and need this form for a Visa application, you must fill it out, scan it & email it to us, we will sign/stamp it, and email it back to you.(there will be a charge of 10 euro per each scan we have to do)

When will i get my deposit back?

We will refund your deposit after your departure from La Rez, refunds are via bank wire transfer only to either your french or international banking institution. Before you leave, you must provide us with all relevant banking information.

Can i use my deposit to pay for my last months rent?

Absolutely not, your deposit will only be refunded by wire transfer, with no exceptions. This is necessary, for banking related purposes.

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