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Base of Preference: First-term airmen serving overseas may request BOP consideration after they receive their DEROS Election Option/Forecast Notification RIP. They must obtain the minimum retainability for CONUS PCS in order to apply. Airmen may list up to eight CONUS bases for the Overseas-to-CONUS BOP. The preferences will be considered in the exact order listed. Members requesting Overseas-to-CONUS BOPs will be reassigned through the normal oversea returnee process if BOP is disapproved.


EQUAL PLUS: The EQUAL-Plus listings are updated weekly, are arranged by grade and AFSC, and advertise special assignments like joint and departmental positions. EQUAL-Plus shows upcoming requirements, any special qualifications needed, the available locations, reporting instructions, and POCs for additional information. EQUAL-Plus also advertises special duties like instructor duty, recruiting, duty with the Thunderbirds, postal duty, Air Staff/MAJCOM positions, and defense attaché duties around the world, and short-notice overseas  assignments.


EQUAL and Overseas Returnee Prioritization: Assignments are advertised and matched eight times a year (four cycles each for those going to and from the overseas area. Overseas members with an indefinite DEROS are eligible for a consecutive overseas tour (COT) anytime after completing their original tour. Individuals with an established DEROS can also be considered for a COT but can only volunteer for advertised requirements with a reporting date (RNLTD) equal to their DEROS month or the following two months. For example, if their DEROS is Jan, they are eligible to compete for assignments with Jan, Feb, or Mar reporting. If they are not selected for a COT assignment or didn't volunteer because they want to return to the CONUS, they will “compete” for a CONUS assignment during their overseas return cycle. Overseas returnees compete for assignments based on the type of tour they’re currently serving.  Individuals serving at a short tour location receive a higher priority than someone serving at a split-tour location, who receive a higher consideration than someone serving at a long-tour location. They must have 12 months retainability after DEROS to be considered for a return assignment. They only need 7-12 months if you're high year of tenure restricted from getting the full 12 months. If they do not have or obtain the required retainability by the required date, their DEROS will be involuntarily extended to match their DOS. Military personnel married to military personnel do not use the overseas returnee EQUAL list. Their assignments are hand-matched to a location with valid Air Force requirements where they can establish a joint domicile.


Join Spouse Program: Air Force policy is to assign military couples together, when possible, to a location where they can live in the same residence. Remember that each member is serving in his or her own right and must fulfill the obligations expected of all Air Force personnel. Because the Air Force cannot guarantee military couples will be reassigned together, you should take all necessary steps to reduce the impact of a separation should it occur. Married military couples are required to complete the AF Form 1048 (Military Spouse Information). This form lets AFPC know what your intentions/desires as a couple are. It tells AFPC whether you do or do not want to be reassigned together. If you do want joint assignments, they will do everything reasonable to accommodate your desires in most situations.

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