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FY96 National Defense Act Provided For:

$4M increase in tuition assistance funding (Congressional plus-up)

2.4% Base Pay and BAS increase

5.2% BAQ increase (2.8% above statutory raise)

Single E-6 and above prerogative to refuse "inadequate quarters" without  sacrificing BAQ

Increased Special Duty Assignment Pay for recruiters from $275 to $375

Authorized Enhanced Hazardous Duty Pay for enlisted Air Weapons Controllers (AWCs) serving aboard AWACS on same basis as officer AWCs

Authorized return to CONUS of dependents who have lost dependency status due to age or educational status at gov't expense

Authorizes survivors of deceased service members to be paid all leave accrued without regards to the 60 day career limit

Adopted automatic enrollment at the maximum Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) level of $200K

Authorization of $3.6M for New Parent Program (Family Advocacy Program)

Increased age of dependents covered by CHAMPUS for well baby care and immunizations from 2 to 6

    FY 95 National Defense Act Provided For:

2.6% pay raise, includes mil pay, BAQ, BAS

Appropriated additional $30M to DECA

CONUS COLA authorized for military members living in "high cost' areas over the 109% threshold

Earned Income Tax Credit extended to members stationed overseas

Round trip emergency travel funded for members/dependents from overseas duty location to nearest international airport

Enlisted members authorized BAS entitlement while deployed for real world contingencies

Continued FSA authorized for service members redeployed within 30 days for a period of over 30 days

Commissary and BX benefits added for abused dependents whose sponsor was separated

2.8% COLA to retired pay

Monthly Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for children increased from $150 to $200 per child

Surviving families authorized residence in base quarters or housing allowance for 180 days when sponsor dies on active duty

Surviving families eligible for Dependent Dental Program and CHAMPUS (using active duty deductibles and cost-sharing amounts) for 12 months when sponsor dies on active duty

FY94 National Defense Act Provided For:

2.2% pay raise, includes mil pay, BAQ, BAS

Increase Temporary Lodging Expense (allowance) from 4 to 10 days for all CONUS moves

Permanent authority for 24 year fogey pay

VSI/SSB/TERA authorities extended through FY99

Adds $75M for previously authorized mail-in pharmacy program

Authorized CHAMPUS active duty rates if dependent under treatment when sponsor dies on active duty

Authorization to expand enrollment in Dependent Dental Program to dependents of overseas returnees

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