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cost in the civilian sector.  And recent legislation, known as TRICARE for Life, has expanded benefits for retirees over age 65 (Medicare eligible).

While the Air Force Medical Service can provide free dental care for all active duty members, we do not have the staff to see all family members.  Dental health insurance is available for family members through the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP).  Monthly TDP premiums are cost-shared by the Department of Defense (i.e., government pays 60% and the sponsor pays 40%).  The sponsor’s monthly premium payment is about $8 when a single-family member is enrolled and about $20 for two or more enrolled family members.  Basic preventative services are covered at 100%; the plan pays 50-80% of the cost of certain specialized services such as restorations, orthodontics, and prosthodontics.  In addition, costs shares for other specialty care (periodontic, endodontic and oral surgery) are lower for E-1s to E-4s.

COMMISSARY: Provides 29 percent savings over commercial purchases (based on 2000 Market Basket Survey).

BASE EXCHANGE: "We Go Where You Go" is the motto of AAFES.  For more than 105 years, the exchange service has remained true to its commitment to Value, Service, and Support for the military customer and their families worldwide.  AAFES helps you in two principal ways.  First is its guarantee to "meet or beat" any retailer's price on the same item (under $5, no questions asked, over $5, within 30 days of the retailers advertisement).  Second, profits are used to support the Services' morale, welfare, and recreation programs.  And now, AAFES offers 24/7 convenience through its new website: www.aafes.com.

BASE FACILITIES/SERVICES: Includes the base fitness center, health and wellness center, golf course, family housing, child development center, skills development center, auto skills, aero club, community centers, swimming pool, enlisted club, intramural sports, bowling center, library, chapel, youth center, outdoor recreation, base exchange, commissaries and discounts on special events/off-base recreation areas through Information, Ticket and Tours.

CHILD CARE: Child Development Centers offer care for children 0-5 years of age.  Air Force licensed family childcare is available at most installations and is certified by the Department of Defense accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Fees are based on total family income.   Before and after school programs are also offered as part of our Youth Programs.  

SPACE AVAILABLE TRAVEL: Eligible for travel aboard military aircraft worldwide.  Families are eligible for space available travel outside the CONUS.

LEGAL ASSISTANCE: The base Legal Assistance Office will assist with preparing wills, powers of attorney, and provide advice on domestic relations problems, contracts, civil rights, and tax problems.

VA HOME LOANS: May be eligible for home loans through the Veterans Administration.


Family Separation Allowance (FSA)

Dislocation allowance

Transportation for dependents on duty changes

Shipment of household goods overseas and in the United States

Schooling for dependents overseas and at some CONUS bases

Station housing and cost of living allowances at many locations

Travel allowance for POV pickup/delivery at port

Storage of POV when PCSing to POV restricted area

Reimbursement of Pet Quarantine Fees


Emergency leave with priority on military aircraft

Humanitarian reassignment

Permissive reassignment

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Air Force Aid Society

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