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Does the school encourage you to work within the community?  In what ways?  Have students you know organized around a particular issue?  Has the school helped with that organizing?

What have you learned in school about citizenship?  Are these lessons relevant to you?

What have you learned about being Canadian (e.g. values, history and government)? Is Canada a democracy?  If so, what does that mean?

What kind of information don’t you know about government, politics, social issues but would like to see covered in school courses?  Any news stories that you want to know more about?

Would you tell me what you think about one of the following issues: environmental policies, the Canadian military in Afghanistan, or government funding of education?  Would you like to tell me about other political knowledge that you have?

Do you think courses about citizenship, like civics, history and politics, are difficult or easy?  Why?

Are controversial issues discussed in class?  Is there a disagreement of opinion, and if so, how does that work in class?

Do you think you have the skills (as well as knowledge) to address an issue of injustice that affects your life (e.g. public speaking, debating, group work, protesting)?  What could your course of action be if you heard the government was banning cable television because of its negative influence on people?  What if you heard that funding to women’s shelters in Ottawa was being cut and they would have to close their doors?  What would you do if the school board decided that there was no more money for extra-curricular clubs?

Do you think that students have power to make decisions in the school?  Do you think teachers have decision-making authority? Have you ever disagreed with a school policy and what was the result?

Are you a good citizen of your school?  In what ways?

For which issues would you like to see the school as a community become involved?

Other Reflections/Questions

Is there anything else you would like to tell me about you as a citizen, what you think is an ideal citizen, what you’ve learned about citizenship inside and outside of the school?

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