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Chapter 9

Controls and Miscellany



Standard IPMI has no provision for an output device besides a few simple functions like reset and power. However, many systems have OEM extensions that allow control of lights, display panels, relays, and a lot of other things. OpenIPMI adds the concept of a “control”, which is an output device.

Each control has a specific type, that is fetched with:

i n t i p m i _ c o n t r o l _ g e t _ t y p e ( i p m i _ c o n t r o l _ t * c o n t r o l ) It returns one of the following values: IPMI CONTROL LIGHT - A light of some time, like an LED or a lamp. IPMI CONTROL RELAY - A relay output IPMI CONTROL DISPLAY - A 2-D text display IPMI CONTROL ALARM - Some type of audible or visible warning device ;

IPMI CONTROL RESET - A reset line to reset something. This type allows the value to be set as either on or off.

IPMI CONTROL POWER - Control of the power of something. IPMI CONTROL FAN SPEED - Control of the fan speed.

IPMI CONTROL IDENTIFIER - A general identifier for the entity in question. This is things like a serial number, a board type, or things of that nature. These may or may not be writable.

IPMI CONTROL ONE SHOT RESET - A reset line, but setting the value to one does a reset and release of reset, you cannot hold the device in reset with one of these.

IPMI CONTROL OUTPUT - A general output device like a digital output. IPMI CONTROL ONE SHOT OUTPUT - A general one-shot output device.


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