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will rollback and not commit the changes you made. So for correctness, you should write a two when you are complete, and if that fails then write a zero.

Table 3.36 has the parameters used to configure the event filter. Unless marked “volatile”, all of these will survive removal of power.

Table 3.36: PEF Configuration Parameters



Set In




Description Used to indicate that the parameters are being updated. Bits 2-7 are reserved. Bits 0-1 have the following values: 00b - set complete. This is the state the system comes up in. This means that any user is finished updating the parameters. If roll- back is implemented, setting this value will cause any changes made since last setting this value to “set in progress” to be un- done. 01b - set in progress. A user will set this value to inform others that it is updating these parameters. This value can only be set if the current value is “set complete”. 10b - commit write (optional). This will commit any changes that are pending and go to “set complete” state. Some systems may not support this, if setting this returns an error you should set this value to “set complete” by hand.

PEF Control


One byte field global control bits for the PEF: bit 0 - Set to one to enable the PEF. bit 1 - Set to one to cause event messages to be sent for each action triggered by a filter. These events are send as the System Event Sensor (12h), offset 04h, see table 8.2. Note that these events are subject to PEF filtering, so be careful not to cause an infinite event message send. bit 2 - PEF Startup Delay Enable (optional). When set to one, this bit enables a PEF startup delay on manual startup of a chassis and on all system resets. If this bit is supported, the spec says that the implementation must supply a way for the user to diable the PEF in case the filter entries are causing an infinite loop. I have no idea what that means. If this bit is not implemented, the spec says that there must always be a startup delay. Parameter 3 of this table sets the time. bit 3 - PEF Alert Startup Delay Enable (optional). When set to one, this bit enables a delay between startup time and when alerts are allowed to be sent. Parameter 4 of this table sets the time. bits 4-7 - reserved

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