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Chapter 4

The MC

The MC is the “intelligent” device in an OpenIPMI system. It is a processor that is always on and handles management operations in the system. It is the thing that receives commands, processes them, and returns the results.

An IPMI system will have at least one MC, the BMC. The BMC is the “main” management controller; it handles most of the interfaces into the system.


OpenIPMI and MCs

Note: This section deals with OpenIPMI internals. The user does not generally need to know about man- agement controllers, as they are internal to the operation of OpenIPMI. However, they are discussed because users writing plugins or fixup code will need to know about them. Plus, these interfaces are subject to change.




In OpenIPMI, the MC devices in a system are part of the domain. When the user creates the domain, OpenIPMI will start scanning for MCs in the system. The user can discover the MCs in a domain in two ways: iterating or registering callbacks.

Iterating the MCs in a domain simply involves calling the iterator function with a callback function:

static void h a n d l e _ m c ( i p m i _ d o m a i n _ t * d o m a i n , i p m i _ m c _ t * m c , v o i d * c b _ d a { t a )

my_data_t *my_data = cb_data; /* Process the MC here */


void i t e r a t e _ m c s ( i p m i _ d o m a i n _ t * d o m a i n , m y _ d a t a _ t * m y _ d a { t a )

int rv; r v = i p m i _ d o m a i n _ i t e r a t e _ m c s ( d o m a i n , h a n d l e _ m c , m y _ d a t a ) ;


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