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Wednesda , May 6

WE5PFP049 Phase Control Testing of Two Superconducting Cavities in a Vertical Cryostat P. Goudket, R. Bate, C.D. Beard, B.D. Fell,

  • P.

    A. McIntosh, S.M. Pattalwar (STFC/DL/ASTeC) P. K. Ambattu,

  • G.

    Burt, A.C. Dexte , B.D.S. Hall, M.I. Tahir (Cockcroft Institute,

Lancaster University)


ssembly of the ERL International Cryomodule (ERIC) at Daresbury Laboratory P.A. McIntosh, R. Bate, C.D. Beard, S.M. Pattalwar (STFC/DL/ASTeC) A. Buechne , F.G. Gabriel (FZD) M.A. Cordwell, J. Strachan (STFC/DL) J.N. Corlett, D. Li, S.M. Lidia (LBNL) M. Liepe, H. Padamsee (CLASSE) T.I. Smith (Stanford University)

WE5PFP051 RF System for SSRF Storage Ring J.F. Liu, M. Chen, Z.Q. Feng, H.T. Hou, C. Luo, D.Q. Mao, Zh.G. Zhang, S.J. Zhao, Y.B. Zhao (SINAP)

WE5PFP052 First Cold Test with the TRIUMF IS C-II Phase II Cryomod- ule R.E. Laxdal, K. Fong, A. Grassellino, W.R. Rawnsley, I. Sekache , V. Zvyagintsev (TRIUMF)

WE5PFP053 Design of Superconducting Parallel Bar Deflecting and Crabbing RF Structures J.R. Delayen, H. Wang (JLAB) J.R. Delayen (ODU)

WE5PFP054 HOM Survey of the First CEB F Upgrade Style Cavity Pair F. Marhauser, E. Daly, G.K. Davis, M. A. Drury, C. Grenoble, J. Hogan, J.P. Preble, C.E. Reece, R.A. Rimme , K. Tian, H. Wang (JLAB)

WE5PFP055 Improved Performance of JLab 7-Cell Cavities by Electropol- ishing C.E. Reece, A.C. Crawford, R.L. Geng (JLAB)


Family of L-Band SRF Cavities for High Power Proton Driver pplications R.A. Rimmer, F. Marhauser (JLAB)

WE5PFP057 Integrated Surface Topography Characterization of Vari- ously Polished Niobium for Superconducting Particle ccel- erators H. Tian, C.E. Reece (JLAB) M.J. Kelley, H. Tian (The College of William and Mary)


Basic Electropolishing Process Research and Development in Support of Improved Performance of SRF Cavities for Fu-


ccelerators H. Tian, C.E. Reece (JLAB) M.J. Kelley, H.

Tian (The College of William and Mary)

WE5PFP059 Design, Prototype and Measurement of

PS Single-Cell

Crab Cavity H. Wang, G. Cheng, G. Ciovati, P. Kneisel, R.A. Rimme , L. Turlington (JLAB) A. Nassiri, G.J. Waldschmidt (ANL)


Buffered Electropolishing –

New Way for

chieving Ex-

tremely Smooth Surface Finish on Nb SRF Cavities to be


2009 Particle Accelerator Conference

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