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Wednesda , May 6

WE6PFP028 Recent Experience with Electron Lens Beam-Beam Com- pensation at the Tevatron V. Kamerdzhiev, G.F. Kuznetso , G.W. Saewert, V.D. Shiltse , A. Valishev (Fermilab)

WE6PFP029 Tevatron Electron Lens Upgrade V. Kamerdzhiev, G.W. Saewert (Fermilab)

WE6PFP030 Characteristics of Beam Diffusion and its Hadron Colliders H.J. Kim, T. Sen (Fermilab)

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WE6PFP031 Simulations of Long-Range Beam-Beam Compensation in LHC H.J. Kim, T. Sen (Fermilab)

WE6PFP032 Study of Electron Lens in RHIC H.J. Kim, T. Sen (Fermilab)


nalytical Description of Tevatron Integrated Luminosity M.J. Syphers (Fermilab)

WE6PFP034 Electron Lens for Beam-Beam Compensation at LHC A. Valishev, V.D. Shiltsev (Fermilab)

WE6PFP035 Suppression of Beam-Beam Tune Spread Using Hollow Electron Beam A. Valishev (Fermilab)

WE6PFP036 Tracking and Tolerances Study for the TL S High Beta Op- tics S. Cavalier, M. Heller (LAL) H. Burkhardt, P.M. Puzo, S.M. White (CERN)

WE6PFP037 3D Strong-Strong Simulations of Wire Compensation of Long-Range Beam-Beam Effects at LHC J. Qiang (LBNL)

WE6PFP038 Strong-Strong Beam-Beam Simulation of Crab Cavity Com- pensation at LHC J. Qiang (LBNL)

WE6PFP039 Emittance Growth due to Beam-Beam Effects with a Static Offset in Collision in the LHC T. Pieloni (PSI) W. Herr (CERN) J. Qiang (LBNL)

WE6PFP040 Simulation of Compensation Mechanisms for Head-On and Parasitic Beam-Beam Collisions at LHC A.C. Kabel (SLAC)

WE6PFP041 Petavac: 100 TeV Proton- ntiproton Colliding Beams with High Luminosity P.M. McIntyre, A. Sattarov (Texas A&M Uni- versity)

WE6PFP042 Design of Interaction Region at SuperKEKB Y. Funakoshi, T. Kageyama, K. Kanazawa, H. Koiso, K. Ohmi, Y. Ohnishi, N. Ohuchi, K. Oide, K. Shibata, M. Tawada (KEK) M. Iwasaki (Uni- versity of Tokyo)

WE6PFP043 Recent Progress of KEKB Y. Funakoshi (KEK)

WE6PFP044 Lattice Design for SuperKEKB H. Koiso, A. Morita, Y. Ohnishi, K. Oide (KEK)

WE6PFP045 Beam Dynamics for Very High Beam-Beam Parameter in an



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2009 Particle Accelerator Conference

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