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Frida , May 8


LS FPG -Based Extraction Trigger Inhibit Interlock Sys- tem for Top-Off Mode J.M. Weber, K.M. Baptiste, R.S. Mueller (LBNL)

FR5REP032 Diagnostic Systems for the TLS SRF System Y.-H. Lin (NSRRC)

FR5REP033 Next Generation Fast RF Interlock Module and VME- TC dapter for ILC High vailability RF Test Station Demonstra- tion R.S. Larsen, C. Adolphsen, D.J. McCormick, W.C. Ross, Z.M. Szalata (SLAC) R.W. Downing (R.W. Downing Inc.)

FR5REP034 Reliability of Operation at SL C in the LCLS Era U. Wien- ands, B. Allen, W.S. Colocho, R.A. Erickson, M. Stanek (SLAC)



nalysis of the LHC Machine Protection System:

nalytical Model Description S. Wagner, R. Nibali (ETH) R.

Schmidt, J. Wenninger (CERN)

FR5REP036 Interaction of the Large Hadron Collider 7 TeV/c Proton Beam with a Solid Copper Target N.A. Tahir (GSI) V.E. For- to , I. Lomonoso , A. Shutov (IPCP) D. Hoffmann (TU Darm- stadt) R. Piriz (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) R. Schmidt (CERN)

FR5REP037 Design and Development of MPS Sub System for J-P RC Linac/RCS T. Suzuki (JAEA)

FR5REP038 SNS BLM System Evolution: Detectors, Electronics and Software A.P. Zhukov, S. Assadi, J. Pogge (ORNL)

FR5REP039 The Machine Protection System for the Linac Coherent Light Source S.N. Norum, S. Allison, S. Chevtso , J.E. Dusatko, K.D. Kotturi, P. Krejcik, J. Olsen, T. Straumann, A.J. Tilghman (SLAC)

FR5REP040 Performance Evaluation of Using EPICS Oscilloscopes for Real-Time Waveform Monitoring L. Shaw (ZTEC Instru- ments) J.Y. Tang (ORNL)

FR5REP041 Current Status and Final Design of the Cryogenic Storage Ring in Heidelberg, Germany M.W. Froese, K. Blaum, J.R. Crespo Lopez-Urrutia, F. Fellenberge , M. Griese , D. Kaise , M. Lange, F. Laux, S. Menk, D. Orlo , R. Repno , C.D. Schroete , D. Schwalm, T. Siebe , J. Ullrich, J. Varju, A. Wol , R. von Hahn (MPI-K) O. Hebe , M.L. Rappaport, Y. Toke , D. Zajfman (Weiz- mann Institute of Science, Physics)

FR5REP042 Investigations of the USR "Short Pulse" Operation Mode A.I. Papash (MPI-K) C.P. Welsch (Cockcroft Institute)

FR5REP043 Simulations of Space Charge Effects in Low Energy Electro- static Storage Rings C.P. Welsch (The University of Liver- pool) M.H. Al-Malki (KACST) A.I. Papash (MPI-K) C.P. Welsch (Cockcroft Institute)


2009 Particle Accelerator Conference

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