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Frida , May 8

FR5REP058 Overview and Status Update of the Fermilab HINS Linac R&D Program R.C. Webber (Fermilab)


New High Energy UNIL C as a High Current Heavy Ion Injector for the F IR-Synchrotrons W. Barth, L.A. Dahl, H. Eickhof , L. Groening (GSI)

FR5REP060 Prototype Construction of a Coupled CH-DTL Proton Linac for F IR R. B. Brodhage, S. Minae , H. Podlech, U. Ratzinge ,

R. Tiede (IAP) G. Clemente, L. Groening (GSI) FR5REP061 Recent Superconducting CH-Cavity Development

  • M.

Busch, A. Bechtold, H. Podlech, U. Ratzinger (IAP)


Beam Transport System for the Frankfurt Funneling Ex- periment P. Kolb, N. Muelle , A. Schempp (IAP)


Funneling with a Two-Beam RFQ

ccelerator N. Mueller,

U. Bartz, D. Ficek, P. Kolb, J.M. Maus, A. Schempp, M. Vossberg


FR5REP064 The New GSI HLI-RFQ for cw Operation M. Vossberg, N. Muelle , A. Schempp (IAP) L.A. Dahl (GSI) J. Haeuser (NTG

Neue Technologien GmbH & Co KG) FR5REP065 Mechanical Design of the IFMIF-EVED

RFQ A. Pepato

(INFN- Sez. di Padova) M. Comunian, A. Palmieri, A. Pisent, C. Roncolato (INFN/LNL) E. Fagotti (Consorzio RFX, Associazione

Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione) FR5REP066 RFQ Design Optimisation for P MEL

Injector M.J. Eas-

ton, M. Aslaninejad, S. Jolly, J.K. Pozimski (Imperial College of Science and Technology, Department of Physics)

FR5REP067 Novel Integrated Design Method and Beam Dynamics Sim- ulations for the FETS RFQ S. Jolly, M.J. Easton, P. Sav- age (Imperial College of Science and Technology, Department of Physics) A.P. Letchford, J.K. Pozimski (STFC/RAL)

FR5REP068 LENS Proton Linac: 6 Kilowatt Operation T. Rinckel, D.V. Baxte , A. Bogdano , V.P. Derenchuk, P.E. Sokol (IUCF) W. Re- ass (LANL)

FR5REP069 100 MeV DTL Development for PEFP Proton Linac H.S. Kim, Y.-S. Cho, J.-H. Jang, D.I. Kim, H.-J. Kwon, B.-S. Park

(KAERI) FR5REP070 Development of IH

ccelerating Structures with PMQ Focus-

ing for Low-Beta Ion Beams S.S. Kurennoy, J.F. O’Hara, L.

Rybarcyk (LANL) FR5REP071 Simulation of Large

cceptance Linac for Muon H.M.

Miyadera, A.J. Jason, S.S. Kurennoy (LANL)

FR5REP072 Use of a Debuncher Cavity for Improving Multi-Beam Opera- tions at L NSCE L. Rybarcyk, S.S. Kurennoy (LANL)


2009 Particle Accelerator Conference

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