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2009 APS Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Beam Physics Awarded to Ryoichi Miyamoto

To recognize doctoral thesis research of outstanding quality and achievement in beam physics and engineering. The award was established in 1990 by the Division of Physics of Beams and is supported by Brookhaven Science As- sociates and Universities Research Association.

Thesis Title: Diagnostics of the Fermilab Tevatron Using an AC Dipole

An extract from Miyamoto’s Thesis Abstract:

The Fermilab Tevatron is currently the world’s highest energy colliding beam facility. Its counter-rotating proton and antiproton beams collide at 2 TeV center-of-mass. Delivery of such intense beam fluxes... has required improved knowledge of the Tevatron’s optical lattice. An oscillating dipole magnet, i.e. an AC dipole, is one such tool to non-destructively assess the optical properties of the synchrotron. We discuss development of a 20 kHz AC dipole system... which can be adiabatically turned on and off to establish sustained co- herent oscillations of the beam... without affecting the transverse emittance... We discuss corrections which must be applied to the driven oscillation measurements to obtain the proper interpretation of beam optical parameters from AC dipole studies. We present several measurements of linear optical parameters (beta function and phase advance) for the Tevatron, as well as studies of non- linear perturbations from sextupole and octupole elements. After successful operations of the Tevatron AC dipole system, a similar system will be built for the CERN LHC. Ryoichi Miyamoto was born in Tokyo in 1975. He earned a BSc in Physics in 1999 from Tokyo Science University, and then moved to the University of Texas at Austin where he earned his PhD de- gree in Physics in 2008 for work on the Fermilab Tevatron beam diagnostics using an AC dipole. His supervisors were Prof. Sacha Kopp of the University of Texas and Dr Michael Syphers of Fermi- lab. Presently, he is a Toohig Fellow of the US LARP Collaboration and works at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Ryoichi is honoured “For his novel development of a resonant AC dipole and associated modeling techniques which enabled fast diagnostics of linear and nonlinear optics of storage rings with par- ticular applications to the Tevatron.”

Vancouver BC, May 4 - 8


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