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IEEE-NPSS Particle Accelerator Science and Technology (PAST) Award 2009

Awards of the Particle Accelerator Conference given on behalf of the Nuclear and Plasma Science Society of the IEEE and spon- sored by NPSS. Two awards are given to recognize outstanding contributions to the development of particle accelerator technol- ogy. Each award includes $2000 and a plaque.

The recipients are Prof. Chan Joshi of UCLA and Dr. Kiyomi Seiya of Fermilab.

Chandrashekhar Joshi is a Distin- guished Professor of Electrical Engi- neering and the Director of the Cen- ter for High Frequency Electronics at University of California Los Angeles . He is a fellow of the APS, IEEE and IoP (U.K.). Joshi is known for his seminal con- tributions and leadership in the de- velopment of a new interdisciplinary field: Plasma Accelerators. Soon after arriving at UCLA in the early 1980s, he started a research effort on electron acceleration by space-charge density waves excited in a plasma using powerful laser pulses. Although such waves were easily excited using a two-frequency laser pulse, the so-called beat-wave technique, acceleration of electrons by such waves proved to be very challenging. After almost a decade of painstak- ing work his group showed in the early 1990s that externally in- jected electrons could be trapped and accelerated with gradients exceeding 1 GeV/m over centimeter scale plasmas. In order to extend the interaction length of a plasma accelerator to a meter-scale and thereby gain energies of interest to high energy physics community, Professors Joshi, Katsouleas (USC) and Sie- mann (SLAC) formed a collaboration that conducted a series of elegant experiments on beam-driven plasma accelerators. These experiments culminated in 2006 with the demonstration of energy doubling of 42 GeV electrons from the SLAC linac using a meter long plasma structure.

Professor Joshi received the 2009 IEEE/NPSS Particle Accelera- tor Science and Technology Award “ For his pioneering role, sci- entific contributions and leadership in the development of laser and particle driven plasma accelerators”.


2009 Particle Accelerator Conference

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