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U.S. Particle Accelerator School Prize for Achievement in Ac- celerator Physics and Technology

The US Particle Accelerator School honors individuals by recog- nizing their outstanding achievements over the full range of ac- celerator physics and technology. The awards are made possible by donations from Brookhaven Science Associates; Fermi Research Alliance, LLC; and Jefferson Science Associates.

Awarded to Yoshiharu Mori, Kyoto University , KURRI

For his contributions to the rebirth of fixed-field alternating gradi- ent accelerators with numerous practical applications, and to the development of a novel type of rf cavity and a compact neutron source.

Yoshiharu Mori is currently a professor at the Research Reactor Institute of Kyoto University in Japan. He graduated from Kyusyu University in 1972 where he received a Doctorate of Engineering 1977. Mori-san then became a research associate at KEK, an as- sociate professor at KEK in 1987 and was promoted to professor of Institute for Nuclear Study of Tokyo University in 1995 and then moved to Kyoto University in 2005. His scientific achievements are numerous. Development of optically pumped polarized ion sources; for this work, he received the “IEEE-PAC Technology Award” in 1993. During 1992-1995 he studied heavy ion accelera- tion in synchrotrons. From 1995 to the present he worked on three main develop- ments. (1) Design of the JPARC proton synchrotrons (3-GeV & 50-GeV) and their construction. (2) Development of broad-band, high-gradient RF cavity with magnetic alloy for hadron accelera- tors. (3) FFAG accelerators starting with the POP (world’s first proton FFAG), construction of 150 MeV proton FFAG accelerator at KEK as prototype for applications such as ADS experiment at Kyoto University, a Japanese neutrino factory, the PRISM-FFAG for muon phase rotation, the ERIT (emittance recovery internal target) neutron source for BNCT with ionization cooling at Kyoto University, and development of electron FFAGs for industrial ap- plications.

Vancouver BC, May 4 - 8


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