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Scientific Program

The conference proceedings will be published on DVD-ROM and on the JACoW Website: http://www.JACoW.org

Copyright Forms

A copyright form must be turned in before a paper can be ac- cepted for publication. Copyright forms customized for each pa- per should be downloaded via the link in SPMS and submitted at Paper Reception.

What happens after your paper has been submitted?

The PAC09 proceedings will be published by the JACoW Joint Accelerator Conferences editorial team. To ensure consistency of the conference proceedings, all papers have to meet formal crite- ria, specified by JACoW. With the end of the paper submission time the conference edi- tors start to perform the formal paper checks and conversions ac- cording to the JACoW publishing requirements. Once an editor is assigned to your paper he/she produces a PDF file from the up- loaded PS file. This PDF file is checked and, if necessary, minor formal corrections are done. The corrected PDF file is uploaded again into your conference database profile. If required, you may be requested to report to the Paper Reception desk to accept the changes made or to speak to an editor if there are concerns with your paper.

To see the “dot board” go to: http://appora.fnal.gov/pls/pac09/eDot.html

Green dot: Yellow dot:

The paper is ready for publication. Changes or corrections have been made (on the

Red dot:

PDF or the original Word/LaTeX source file) and the author is requested to come to Paper Recep- tion to proof-read the modified version. A major problem occurred. It may be that a file is missing or corrupted and the paper cannot be pro- cessed, or there are significant errors with the pa- per. The author will need to go to Paper Reception immediately to correct the problem.

Student Poster Session

A special poster session for students will take place during del- egate registration on Sunday, May 3rd. The student category in- cludes: a student registered for a Ph.D. or diploma in accelera- tor physics or engineering; a Post Doctoral Fellow in accelerator physics or engineering; or a trainee accelerator physicist or engi- neer in the educational phase of their professional career.


2009 Particle Accelerator Conference

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