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Monda , May 4

MO6PFP054 Pre-Cycle Selection for the Superconducting Main Magnets of the Large Hadron Collider A.P. Verweij, N.J. Sammut, W. Venturini Delsolaro, R. Wolf (CERN)


C Dipole Magnet for Mu2e Experiment V.S. Kashikhin, D.J. Harding, V. Kashikhin, A.V. Makarov (Fermilab)

MO6PFP056 Electromagnetic SCRF Tuner V.S. Kashikhin, G.W. Foste , Y.M. Pischalnikov (Fermilab)

MO6PFP057 120-mm Superconducting Quadrupole for Interaction Re- gions of Hadron Colliders V. Kashikhin, I. Novitski, A.V. Zlobin (Fermilab)

MO6PFP058 Operating Margin of Large- perture Nb3Sn IR Quadrupoles with Respect to Radiation Heat Depositions V. Kashikhin, N.V. Mokho , A.V. Zlobin (Fermilab)

MO6PFP059 Four-Coil Superconducting Helical Solenoid Model for M NX M.J. Lamm, N. Andree , V. Kashikhin, V.S. Kashikhin, A.V. Makaro , K. Yonehara, M. Yu, A.V. Zlobin (Fermilab) R.P. Johnson, S.A. Kahn (Muons, Inc)

MO6PFP060 Studies of the High-Field Section for a Muon Helical Cooling Channel M.L. Lopes, V.S. Kashikhin, A.V. Zlobin (Fermilab) R.P. Johnson, S.A. Kahn (Muons, Inc)

MO6PFP061 Solenoid Focusing Lenses for the R&D Proton Linac at Fer- milab M.A. Tartaglia, J. DiMarco, Y. Huang, D.F. Orris, T.M. Page, R. Rabehl, I. Terechkine, J. C. Tompkins (Fermilab)

MO6PFP062 Magnets for Muon 6D Helical Cooling Channels K. Yone- hara, V.S. Kashikhin, A.V. Zlobin (Fermilab) R.P. Johnson, S.A. Kahn, M. Turenne (Muons, Inc)

MO6PFP063 Modeling of the High Field Section of a Muon Helical Cooling Channel A.V. Zlobin, E.Z. Barzi, V.S. Kashikhin, M.J. Lamm, M.L. Lopes, M. Yu (Fermilab) R.P. Johnson, S.A. Kahn (Muons, Inc)

MO6PFP064 Development of High-Field Superconducting Solenoids for Muon Beam Cooling A.V. Zlobin, E.Z. Barzi, V. Kashikhin, M.J. Lamm, V. Lombardo, G. Norcia, D. Turrioni (Fermilab)

MO6PFP065 Fast Ramped Superferric Prototype Magnets of the F IR Project: First Test Results and Design Update E.S. Fis- cher, E. Floch, J. Macavei, A. Mierau, P. Schnize , C. Schroede , A. Stafiniak, F. Walter (GSI) G. Sikler (BNG)

MO6PFP066 Design and Construction of a 15 T, 120 mm Bore IR Quadrupole Magnet for L RP S. Caspi, D.W. Cheng, D.R. Di- etderich, H. Felice, P. Ferracin, R.R. Hafalia, R. Hannaford, G.L. Sabbi (LBNL) G. Ambrosio, R. Bossert, V. Kashikhin, D. Pasholk, A.V. Zlobin (Fermilab) M. Anerella, A.K. Ghosh, J. Schmalzle, P. Wanderer (BNL)


2009 Particle Accelerator Conference

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