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Catering Services

All events must be catered by a firm approved by Chateau Aux Arc. We will be happy to provide you with a list of referrals appropriate to your event. All caterers must provide copies of the following documents at least 60 days prior to catering any events at Chateau Aux Arc. Certificates of insurance must be in a form and substance satisfactory to Chateau Aux Arc Winery and the surrounding area.

  • 1.

    Copy of current valid catering license.

  • 2.

    Certificate of General Liability Insurance coverage.

Caterers not on our list will be assessed a processing fee of $75.00 administrative fee.

A licensed food handler must also supply any specialty items such as cakes or baked goods. Your caterer may serve food or beverage on designated event areas. For safety reasons, guests may not carry food or drink between floors.

Deliveries and Installation

Tenting is at the discretion of Chateau Aux Arc and must be pre-approved by the manager. Flooring is permitted upon approval, and only on Chateau Aux Arc pre- designated areas. All deliveries must be made within the two-hour set up time preceding the event. Any additional lighting, props, or special set-ups must be pre-approved by the Chateau Aux Arc manager. Installation of special decorations or equipment is restricted to the two-hour set-up period prior to the event. Removal must be done during the one- hour clean-up period. Any special props, floral materials, etc., must be taken the evening of the event. Chateau Aux Arc cannot be responsible for any materials left in or around facility. Final floor plan, set-up instructions, and a delivery schedule from all vendors (i.e. florists, caterers, and musicians) must be confirmed with the Chateau Aux Arc staff one week before the event.

Liquor Service & Other Beverages

Chateau Aux Arc does not allow clients to provide their own liquor. Only our wines can be served at Chateau aux Arc. No other alcohol can be served or kept on the premises due to Arkansas State Laws. This includes beer, liquor, malt beverages, and any other vinous spirits. No coolers, ice chests, or containers of any alcohol can be present at the event. We reserve the right to refuse service to any one we find intoxicated beyond a reasonable doubt. Chateau Aux Arc staff will be provided during the event to serve our wines. When wedding ceremony is held at Chateau Aux Arc, wine service will only be offered only after the ceremony ends. Wine service will end one-half hour prior to the scheduled end of your event (9:30pm). Due to National Law, wine may not be served to persons under the legal age of twenty-one. Under no condition can any minor consume or taste wine on the premises. Any minor found being served or consuming alcohol is there for liable for arrest or violation by the state of Arkansas. Open alcoholic beverages may not be taken outside the designated reception areas. Drinks and food may not be carried outside of designated Chateau Aux Arc reception areas. All other beverages (i.e. water, soda, coffee, tea) should be provided by caterer.

Clean Up

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