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Sanjay Chowdhary was born in New Delhi on November 5, 1961. His father was a technical advisor to the UN Industrial Development Organisation and mother, a housewife. Sanjay had his schooling in Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai, as his father's transfers required moving from one metro to the other.

In 1983 he graduated in Production Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai and joined L&T in Mumbai, handling the sales of hydraulic excavators.

After two years with L&T he got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and started a small-scale industry in Gurgaon. The sudden demise of his

Welcome to Valves Marketing

Mr. V. Ramasubramaniam, IVS-ERO. Mr. K. R. Sundar, SVS-SRO.

Wedding Bells

R. Krishna Kumar Jr., SVS-SRO married Girija on November 21. Sadashiv Swaminath, IVS-BKC, married Ranjani on December 13.

We wish the couples a long and happy married life.

Just Born

To Monali and Sameer Pednekar, IVS- A’bad - son Rudra, on September 15. To Soura and K. M. Mukherjee, IVS- BKC - daughter Shreya, on October 15.


In 1990 Sanjay was put in charge of all consultants in Mumbai. His close rapport with the consultants led to many successes during this period, a notable one being the radiography waiver that UHDE awarded to all AIL products.

Reliance Industries Limited was Sanjay's major customer and in '94 he was put in charge of all supplies to Reliance projects. Sanjay's Reliance Saga is unmatched in the annals of Valves Marketing - he was instrumental in getting orders totalling more than Rs. 55 crores from Reliance.

father in 1987, forced him to put his entrepreneurial ambitions on hold and move back to Mumbai. There he worked with Nelco for a short while selling fabricated components.

By August 1988 he was back in L&T for a second innings, this time with Valves Division in Mumbai. He started out selling door-to-door the

In 1995 Sanjay moved to SVD Mega Project Cell. During the next two years he played a key role in bagging many large orders.

In October 1997 Sanjay took over as Section Head, IVS-BKC. He considers it a matter of great pride that he has been able to maintain IVS- BKC's high standards in working capital management.

then-newly-introduced Butterfly Valves.


During this time Sanjay married Madhulika, on January 25, 1989. She is a computer buff whose fav distractions are movies and music. The couple has two children, Rohan and Ria, twins born on September 7, 1994.

Like many of his contemporaries Sanjay has a passion for '60s music and Beatles, Pink Floyd and Billy Joel are his favourites. But he complains he hardly gets to listen to his stuff nowadays as the twins decide what is played at home!

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