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one — the dying one or military one?" "Would Jesus be the coming king of the second Psalm or the coming lamb of Isaiah 53?" "Would Jesus be the crucified Messiah or the crowned Messiah?" Even the people at large could not see the significance of the Savior’s death, when He first arrived on the scene. They could not see past the military Messiah concept (John 6:14-15). Jesus simply did not conform to the crowd’s messianic expectations. They wondered what "Son of Man" he really was? (John 12:34). Likewise, the disciples of Jesus could not understand the role of the Messiah (John 12:16). Even the Jewish theologians were not clear in their minds concerning the sufferings of the Messiah and the glorious kingdom that the prophets announced. Some teachers actually held that there were two Messiahs, one who would suffer and one who would reign.

With the events of Christ's kingly entrance into Jerusalem, the disciples did not understand (John 12:16) how Jesus could be king and bring in the kingdom after He had already shared with them about His death and dying (John 2:19, 3:14). The disciples did not fully understand all the actions of Jesus and all the words that Jesus taught them. It would not be until after His resurrection that their eyes would begin to really see and understand all that he had taught them and when Jesus had actually planned to rule as the coming King. These are the things, which they understood more fully after Christ's resurrection from the dead.

When Jesus rose again, they could finally begin to see the meaning of His earlier statement in John 2:19-21. They finally did grasp the

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