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meaning of His words in John 2:22. Following the resurrection, the disciples could begin to clearly see that the Old Testament Scriptures and Jesus' word about His temple (body) all pointed to the role of Jesus as the sacrificial and risen Son of God, instead of the kingly concept of His earthly rule (John 2:22). Following His resurrection, the disciples could now understand and "believe" that the Old Testament Scriptures were actually fulfilled in the sacrificial and resurrection role of the Messiah (John 2:22). Prior to the resurrection of Christ, the disciples obviously were confused about the timing of this event. Even soon after His resurrection, there was confusion concerning what was to really take place (John 20:9).

It's not that the disciples did not know the Scriptures, which spoke about His resurrection. They knew what the Old Testament taught about His resurrection. You see, the disciples were still looking for a military Messiah to set up the kingdom. The whole idea of His death and resurrection was foggy to them. They "knew not" (John 20:9) the exact role of His mission, whether Jesus would be the military Messiah or the dying Messiah, who would rise again. They "knew not" the real timing of the Lord's program. It was difficult for them to piece the entire picture together about Christ's death and resurrection along with His coming kingdom. How could He actually be king if He dies and rises again. How can this fit into the Biblical program and picture?

After the resurrection of Christ, we see this new unveiled understanding (John 2:22, 20:8 and John 20:24-25). After Jesus' resurrection from the dead, the disciples fully understood the program

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