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and person of Jesus in a greater way. They could see in a clearer fashion the meaning of Jesus' statement concerning His own resurrection program and person. After His resurrection the disciples exhibited strong faith in the resurrection program of Jesus (20:20, 27-29) and person of Jesus (20:29). After the resurrection and His arrival on Pentecost in the person of the Holy Spirit (John 14:18), the clouds concerning the true relationship of Christ with the Father and the true role of Christ as the Messiah were being swept away. Everything was beginning to come into focus (John 12:16, 14:20, Acts 2:22-32 — note especially 24 & 32). After Pentecost, the Holy Spirit would indwell the disciples and continue to teach them about Christ's person and work (see John 16:14). The Holy Spirit’s teaching ministry would clarify in their minds many things which Jesus said about His person and work while living on earth (John 14:26).

John 16:13 reveals that The Holy Spirit would come after Jesus' death to lead the apostles into the truth about Jesus and His work on the cross. He would teach them about the need for Christ's death upon the cross in light of the coming kingdom. Remember that the disciples did not know the timing of the cross and the kingdom reign of Jesus. The disciples needed to understand that Jesus needed to first die in order for people to enter the glorious kingdom day in the future.

Furthermore, Jesus said that the Spirit would not teach the disciples on His own (on His own initiative) but would teach only what He hears from the Father (John 16:13). The Holy Spirit would reveal to their lives concerning future events ("things to come"). Dwight Pentecost

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