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disciples made this decision for Christ is clear. They were no doubt saved through John the Baptist's ministry of preaching repentance and salvation through the Lamb of God (John 1:29 and 35-46). John was calling the nation back to belief in Christ's person and work. Their initial belief resulted in their salvation. It was true saving faith in Christ, who was the Lamb of God. However, this saving faith was confirmed in the Lord Jesus as they witnessed His miracles (John 2:11, 6:69). Finally, this belief was consummated by the resurrection and resurrection appearances of Christ (2:22, 20:8, 20:25-29). Thus, it was a progress of belief. Initial faith in Christ's person and work, which needed to be developed over their ministry with Christ. The disciples, living in their day, found it hard to grasp "how" (in what manner) Jesus could be God (even though they believed He was God) and what program or role the Messiah would take on (a sacrificial one or military one). They, similar to the Old Testament prophets (I Peter 1:10-12), found it difficult to see "how" it would all fit together until after Christ's glorious resurrection. After the resurrection, all the scales upon their eyes began to fall off. They would understand the full significance of Christ's person and the timing of Christ's sacrificial program, which would end with resurrection. The resurrection was the final proof, which confirmed that the role of the Messiah would be death and resurrection and not a kingdom rule. However, the disciples still were confused about the actual timing of Christ’s future kingdom program from their own perspective in time (Acts 1:6). How long would it be before the kingdom arrives? It would not be until later that the timing of the

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