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Analyzing the rock arts pictures (and ideograms) of Vardeniss, Geghard, Syunik mountains, on the basis of complex approachement, and summarizing  the results of the studies of the founders of Armenian ancient astronomy (doctors of physical and mathematical sciences B. Petrosyan and E. Parsamyan, doctors of historical sciences S. Sardaryan, A. Martirosyan, distinguished psychologists, linguists and other specialists, academicians A. Lurye, A. Abrahamyan and P. Geruni, Art critic A. Manoucharyan, architect S. Petrosyan, S. Ayvasyan, G. Karakhanyan, P. Safyan, A. Israelyan, S. Babayan, N. Aroyan, A. Mnatsakanyan, A. Movsesyan, etc.) the authors came to the following conclusion: single (or unique) simultaneous pictures on the rocks mention on early stages of development of thinking processes and the dominating right hemisphere of the natives of Armenia.

Entire pictures with plot, mentioning on definite events (scene of hunting, birth; astronomic signs, calendar systems, etc.), which are described in sequence on the petrography’s, are talking about the later stages of the development of thinking process. The research of these graphical images (through modern technologies, methods of formation of typical elements) shows that the identical harmonic development of two hemispheres of forefathers of Armenian people started very early. Perhaps, in this stage speaking abilities of Armenian people appeared.

By the creation of pictures on the rocks, our forefathers improved their organs of sight: developed visual ability, memory, scope of logical exercises, sensitiveness to the symbols, in terms of the theory of informatics and artificial intellect, developed the visual functions of image recognition. Identically was developed their hearing and speaking organs. The information-passing ability of the sound components of the speech stimulated our forefathers to increase their informative capacity, enlarge the possibilities of intonation modulating of linear consistent-“telegraphic (wireless)” speech. The genesis of the musical creation is similar to the genesis of fine arts in the coordinate system, coming out of the rock pictures.

In fact, meaningfulness and spreading of “typical” elements of the rock pictures indicate, that corresponding “exercises” have become a rudiment in formation of independent phrases of speech and music, which systematically show the development of processes of thinking, speaking, musical abilities. One can see musical records among the petrography’s.

The development of the organs of sense, figurative memory, space thinking (in the pictures you can see episodes, which express cartographic description of the location and phenomenon; petrogliphes, drawn in various projections, from the front , side-view and bird’s-eye view, etc.), the improvement of sensitive and communicative abilities (accompanied with the complication of the central nervous system), the virtual usage of stone tools, the formation of harmonic, adequate, correct presentation of the reality, the development of artistic taste and mastership -  entirely represent the progressive motion of purposeful system by the “cause and effect” trajectory. Later this movement stimulated the appearance of artistic activity, which had no spontaneous practical usage (see: ornamental, decorative, architectural arts, carpet-making in Armenia, miniatures, etc.). Presently, this heritage is displayed in national creation and modern Armenian Art.

So, a special type of cognitional interaction was gradually formed in the following relations: man to man, man to animals, man to surroundings. Figurative mastering of external world in space and time, analyzing, synthesing, remembering and graphical figurative language saving structure, talk about the correspondent thinking “tools and technologies» as a necessary and sufficient basis for the development of intellectual system and speech abilities of our forefathers. The existence and the genesis of an identical logical system bring to the final conclusion: our forefathers had all the preconditions for the creation of proalphabet (see: goat’s letter, pictographic letter, ideograms, hieroglyphs, danilian letters, mesropian old Armenian alphabet).

The scientists suppose that the language was developed and located in the left hemisphere not for it’s analytic ability, but for it’s adjustment for several activities. Possibly, during the evolution of manipulation of right hand (which was gesticulating, participating in contacts, in stone graphics) were added voice muscles as well. In the result - the left hemisphere, in fact, got a monopoly in the management of the motive systems, participating in oral and written speech.

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