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Love and respect…

Your daughter wants to know if she will have a "fuck friend"



A what? Does she understand what that means?

You're shocked to hear your daughter use these words. You have never used that kind of language in front of

and desire.They are involved in each other's lives, share their emotions and trust each other. They are sensitive

her and you wonder if she really understands what the words mean. You could ask her: “What do you think “fuck friend”means? Some people are only interested in the physical pleasure of sexual contact and do not have feelings of love or affection for their partner. They are not involved in each other's lives and are not commit- ted to each other in any way. This type of relationship can sometimes lead to disrespect and abuse,where one person takes advantage of the other. It's important to define our limits and be clear about what we don't like. There are also sexual relationships based on love. Two people decide to have sex based on their mutual love

to their partner's likes and dislikes, and they use their bodies to express their feelings for one another. Sexual contact is just one of the many different expressions of love.”

Your daughter has reached out to you by asking you questions about sex. She may feel awkward and she needs reassurance. Make her feel comfortable and answer all her questions as best as you can, so she can get the information she needs to make good decisions. You may prefer to discuss loving sexual relationships with your daughter rather than give her more informa-


tion about the sexual act. The “fuck friend” relationship can be summarized as a sexual relationship without involvement or emotional connection between the sexual partners. Sometimes this type of relationship is respectful but it can also be abusive. Stress the impor- tance of respecting others and of respecting oneself. Take the time to talk to her about loving relationships where people make a commitment to each other, and where the bonds of love strengthen over time.

Your daughter is exposed to sexuality from many sources. She might repeat what she hears without real- ly understanding what the words mean and come to you for clarification.You may be surprised to hear words that are not part of your vocabulary. Get the informa- tion you need by asking other parents or teenagers the meaning of these words.

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