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Provocative clothing and fashion…

Your daughter wants to wear sexy clothing.

If I say no, is she going to have

a tantrum in the store?

You're worried that your daughter wants to wear sexy clothes that expose her body. This type of clothing will give her a sensual look that is not appropriate for a girl her age. However, saying no may provoke a crisis. How should you react? Here is a response you might try. “I can see you really like this top but don't you think it shows off a little too much of your body? Let's choose something else. Look at this top with the “lasagne” straps.What do you think? If you like it, we'll buy it. Next time we go shopping we can talk about what kind of clothes you like to wear, before we leave the house.''

This type of response allows you to intervene in differ- ent ways. First, you acknowledge your daughter's request. Then you explain the reasons why she should not wear provocative clothing. She will realize that you have made your decision with her welfare in mind. Finally, by proposing further discussion about the clothes she wants to wear, you have encouraged future dialogue and communication with your daughter.

Remember that your daughter depends, for the most part, on your financial resources to satisfy her needs




and desires.Exposed to a multitude of products,she will try to persuade you to buy everything she wants. It may be tempting to give in to all her wishes and save her disappointment and frustration when you say no. By saying no and imposing some age-appropriate limits, you will prevent your daughter from prematurely enter- ing adolescence, even if these restrictions displease her in the short run. Moreover, expressing your values and standing firm will have a reassuring effect.Your daugh- ter needs to learn how to distinguish between what is good for her and what may do her harm. If she throws a fit to get what she wants and sees that getting angry will achieve her goals, she may become agitated in the absence of clear boundaries. Clear limits will let her know and respect the values you are trying to convey.

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