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Make-up and fashion magazines…

Your daughter wants to wear make-up.



She's only 10 years old, but maybe it's normal to wear makeup at a younger age than when I was growing up.

Your daughter idolizes a certain pop star whose face is on the cover of all the teen magazines.Does she admire her looks only or is she drawn to her talent as a per- former? “Why do you like this singer so much? I can see you want to copy her makeup but she's much older than you. You still have a few years to go before you're a teenager and I think you're too young to wear make- up. She's very talented and I can see why you like the way she sings. You love to sing too, so why don't you learn one of her songs and create a dance routine with some of your friends? You could perform the song at a

Use this occasion to talk to your daughter about her favourite singer's talent and abilities. Emphasize her musical talent, her poise and her determination. These are traits your daughter can aspire to and emulate. You can encourage her creative talents and expression by suggesting she create a dance routine that stays clear of provocative gestures.

Between the ages of 6 and 12, it's normal for your daughter to be fascinated by pop or film stars. She will look for an idol or role model that she can look up to.

friend's birthday party.”

Many magazines marketed to young girls are full of


advertisements for beauty products and often rely on stars to promote these products. It's not surprising, then, that your daughter wants to imitate them by buy- ing and wearing the makeup products they say they use. Your daughter does not yet have the maturity to understand that certain stars are specifically chosen to attract and influence consumers. Wearing makeup at this preadolescent stage places a great deal of impor- tance on physical appearance to the detriment of char- acter-building. Your intervention is necessary to encourage your daughter's healthy development and to praise her aptitudes and her potential.

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