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Maybe she just wants to have fun playing dress-up.

Are you wondering why your daughter wants to wear makeup? Does she want to play dress-up or does she want to present a more grown-up image? Here's how you can respond to your daughter.“Why do you want to wear lipstick? You and your friends can use makeup crayons to play with at home, but I don't want you to wear makeup when you go out of the house, it's not suitable at your age. I could buy you some lightly- coloured lip balm but I prefer that you use makeup just

By asking your daughter why she wants to wear lipstick, you are showing her that you recognize her desire and you feel her opinion is important. You can limit the wearing of makeup so it stays in the realm of play and does not become a springboard to an early entry into adolescence.

It is normal for your daughter to use makeup to dis- guise herself at special times (Halloween, costume par-

for play.”

ties). When putting on makeup is no longer a question

of having fun but more an act of seduction it belongs in the realm of older teens and grownups. If your daugh- ter begins to wear makeup in public, she is giving her face a sensual dimension which does not correspond to her age. Pay attention to the motivating factors behind your daughter's wants and desires.

You observe your daughter's reactions and behaviour: she is not respecting the limits you set.Here's a way you can respond. “I can see that despite our talk, you're wearing makeup. Why is it so important to you? I don't approve; you're too young. If you really want to use makeup, how about learning face painting?”

understand what is motivating her to wear makeup.Is it to look older or to enhance her appearance? Is it to seduce or because her group of friends is into makeup? If you understand her motivation, it will be much easier to intervene. Offer your daughter an alternative by sug- gesting that she volunteer to do face painting at her friends' birthday parties.

Whatever your daughter's reaction to the limits you set, you must continue to reaffirm your position and your views. You should question your daughter in order to

It's possible that despite your wishes,your daughter will wear makeup anyway. Some children are tempted to

disobey to test the limits that have been imposed. Even if your daughter breaks the rules, don't give in. Reaffirm your position and restate your values. Children tend to internalize what is often repeated. They will remember the values you tried to teach them and eventually adopt the appropriate behaviour in their daily lives.



If I don't buy it for he , will she take my makeup and put it on in secret?



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