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Gerontological Nursing 2 credit undergraduate course Page 1 of 20

University of Washington School of Nursing

Course Description: 2-credit course, lecture, class discussion, case studies

Assignments/exams: Weekly reflective journal writing turned in at end of quarter in an organized packet with a summary reflective writing on top changes in attitudes, values, beliefs, knowledge about aging and older adults over the course of the quarter. Alternative: on last day, have students complete written survey of these changes. Take home mid term exam (Groups - multiple choice w/short answer justification) Take home final exam (Groups - Multiple choice w/short answer justification)

Course Objectives: Recognize one‟s own and others‟ attitudes, values, and expectations about aging and their impact on care of older adults and their families. Incorporate into daily practice valid and reliable tools to assess the functional, physical, cognitive, psychological, social, and spiritual status of older adults. Assess older adults‟ living environment within a context of age-related changes/underlying disease states and in relation to community resources that can assist older adults and their families to retain personal goals, maximize function, maintain independence, and live in the least restrictive environment. Prevent or reduce common risk factors that contribute to functional decline, impaired quality of life, and excess disability in older adults. Recognize and manage geriatric syndromes common to older adults. Appreciate the influence of payer systems on access, availability, and affordability of health care for older adults Contrast the opportunities and constraints of supportive living arrangements on the function and independence of older adults and on their families.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce, post, download, and/or distribute, this material for not-for-profit educational purposes only, provided that Northwest Coalition for Geriatric Nursing Education is cited as the source. This material may be downloaded and/or distributed in electronic format, including PDF format. Available on the internet at www.geronursinged.org E-mail notification of usage to: soncgne@ohsu.edu

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