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Off Unit Mobilization

Resources ordered from outside the dispatch centers area of responsibility, other than initial attack mutual assistance or under the ROSS neighborhood agreement, will be placed with Eastern Great Basin Coordination Center.

Resource orders may be received from Eastern Great Basin Coordination Center for Overhead, Equipment, Crews, and Aircraft. Every attempt will be made to fill these orders in a timely manner. Dispatchers will make travel arrangements for individuals using the travel management center for the agency the individual is affiliated with.

For Airline reservations refer to the Travel Binder for the appropriate Travel Management Center instructions.

Rental cars and cellular telephones must be authorized by the requesting unit. If this authorization is not received the incident may not pay for these services.

Length of assignment

Refer to the Eastern Great Basin Mobilization Guide and NWCG guidelines for an explanation of length of assignment and R&R or navigate to the NWCG website ( and choose 2004 Work Rest Guidelines and Length of Assignment for the full document.

Night Mobilization

Night mobilization is defined as those hours between 2200 and 0500. To the extent possible, night mobilization to incidents other than initial attack is to be avoided. Exceptions are made for travel using commercial carriers. Refer to the Great Basin Mobilization Guide (page 7) for further direction on night mobilization.

Fill or Kill Procedure

Once an order is received dispatchers must try to fill the order as soon as possible. After one hour the order may be killed unless a longer time frame has been negotiated with Eastern Great Basin. With the implementation of ROSS, any orders that are placed up to the NICC will be sent back unable to fill (UTF) if they have not been filled in 48 hours.

National Resource Mobilization

Eastern Great Basin will be notified of all national resource commitments through the use of the commit message. See the DMS SOP in the office SOP book for further instruction. National Resources include:

Interagency Hotshot Crews Airtankers Lead Planes Aerial Supervison Modules Type1 & 2 Helicopters

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