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BIA/NPS direct exchange of resources

Bureau of Indian Affairs and National Park Service units may order resources directly from other BIA/NPS units without using the dispatch coordination system. This is usually done for non-fire type incidents such as severity orders and detail requests. Fire orders will be sent through the dispatch system.

NUIFC Cooperating Agencies

The Northern Utah Interagency Fire Center provides dispatching and/or logistical support to the following entities:

USDA Forest Service, Wasatch-Cache National Forest (UT-WCF) USDA Forest Service, Uinta National Forest (UT-UIF) USDA Forest Service, Region 4 (UT-R04) USFS Washington Office Geospatial Service and Technology Center USDI Bureau of Land Management, Salt Lake Field Office (UT-SLD) USDI Bureau of Land Management, Utah State Office (UT-USO) USDI National Park Service, Golden Spike National Historic Site (UT-GSP) USDI National Park Service, Timpanogos Cave National Monument (UT-TIP) North West Area, State of Utah, Forestry Fire and State Lands (UT-NWS) USFWS Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (UT-BBR)

Administrative Procedures

Serious Injury/Accident Report

Dispatchers must provide for medical assistance first and then ensure agency serious accident reporting procedures are followed. In addition, these incidents will be reported to the Eastern Great Basin Center Manager or representative. Refer to the Eastern Great Basin Mobilization Guide for specific guidance on serious injury/accident reporting for Native American crew members.

Fire Weather

The Fire Weather Forecast is broadcast twice daily. In addition, any weather updates including but not limited to red flag warnings and fire weather watches will be broadcast immediately. Field units are required to indicate they copied and understood the broadcasted red flag warnings and fire weather watches. Dispatchers should document which units copied the broadcast. NUIFC will fax the morning and afternoon information reports to the field stations and various district offices and post them to the NUIFC website at www.fs.fed.us/r4/nuifc.

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