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ADs (Administratively Determined)

Use of ADs is authorized through emergency declaration. Dispatchers must be sure an emergency declaration has been made before assuming ADs are approved for non-fire incidents. Detail requests for severity orders must specify whether or not an AD employee will be accepted to fill the position. ADs may not be used for USFS prescribed fires. ADs may be used for BAER work, severity, wildland fires, floods and other natural disasters for which an emergency declaration has been made.

Travel arrangements for ADs will be handled using the procedure for the sponsoring


Reid Shelley (UIF) will sign up ADs used by the Uinta National Forests unless prior arrangements have been made to have a full time permanent dispatcher complete this procedure. Any district office of the Wasatch-Cache Forest or Lori Martinez (Supervisors Office) may sign up ADs for the WCF.

Dave Provencio (R04) will sign up ADs for the Regional Office in Ogden. Rita Criger or Nancy Allen will sign up ADs for the BLM.

The state of Utah uses a different pay scale to pay AD type employees. This pay scale can be found in the AD Pay binder in the dispatch center.

ADs must complete appropriate paperwork before being asked to work. The pay scale for the AD employee will depend on the agency signed under. Refer to the AD Pay binder for details and copies of forms.

Law Enforcement Officers/Fire Investigation

Law Enforcement

BLM and USFS officers may be contacted directly when requested by agency or incident personnel for incidents on their home unit. Officers must be listed Available National in ROSS for off unit assignments.

Through the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Officers are available to support fire suppression activities in Utah. These are Peace Officers from the Divisions of Wildlife Resources and State Parks and Recreation. Officers are available at all times and will be available for seven days. Fourteen day assignments are possible provided two officers can split the duty at seven days each. Department of Natural Resources law enforcement officers will be available from June 14 through September 12. Requests for these officers should be through the State Forester’s Office using the normal ordering system. The contact points for using these officers are Dave Dalrymple or Tracy Dunford.

Through the Utah County/Uinta National Forest Law Enforcement Agreement, Law enforcement officers are available for use as security, traffic control, road blocks etc. on fires within Utah County. These officers may be requested through the Utah County 911 dispatcher.

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