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State Crews

Twin Peaks IA- is a Type 2-IA crew available from Lone Peak Center in Draper. This crew is self-supporting. The crew has a 180-day fire availability. Instructions for dispatching the crew can be found in the Crew binder in the dispatch center.

UFRA- State- Is a Type 2 crew managed by the state. This crew is self-supporting. Crew overhead and membership is composed of state agency employees from Lone Peak Center. The state hires full time crewmembers by agreement through the Utah Valley State College; Utah Fire and Rescue Academy. The crew has a 90 day availability.

Both crews are organized and work together 40 hours a week. Refer to the Crew Binder for specific instructions on dispatching this crew.

County Crews

Salt Lake County- Salt Lake County can supply 2 Type 2-IA qualified Crews for dispatch. Instructions for dispatching these crews can be found in the crew binder.

Utah County- Utah County can supply 1 type 2 crew for dispatch. Refer to the Instructions in the Crew binder for dispatching this crew.

Weber Basin Crew

Weber Basin is a Job Corps Crew sponsored by the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Bob Tonioli or Colt Mortenson (WCF) issue red cards for this crew. Refer to the Weber Basin SOP for specific instructions for dispatching this crew (Crew Binder).

Equipment When dispatching equipment the following priorities must be observed

  • 1)

    Agency Resources first. Federal and State

  • 2)

    Agency Cooperators (state sponsored and county)

  • 3)

    National Contract Resources

  • 4)

    Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements (EERA’s)

Agency Engines/Water Tenders

BLM staffs 5 Type-4 engines and 3 Type-6 engines. In addition they staff 1 primary water tender and 1 back up water tender.

USFS staffs 4 Type-4 engines on the Wasatch-Cache and 4 Type-4 engines on the Uinta.

Forestry Fire and State Lands staff 6 type 6 engines stationed at the Lone Peak Facility.

NPS-Golden Spike National Historic Site has one type 6 engine. Check with GSP for information about availability since this is not staffed on a regular basis. NUIFC may be able to supply the ENGB.

UFRA- units staffed vary by year. Refer to the current years agreement for details.

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