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Flight Following

Flight Following is the knowledge of an aircraft’s location and condition with a reasonable degree of certainty that, in the event of a mishap, the survivors may be rescued. All aircraft used for Federal Flights must be equipped with radios capable of communications over Forest Net (FM) and Air Net (VHF). Prior to flights of any nature (except commercial) the chief of party of helicopter manager will contact the local dispatch office with notification the flight will proceed. Radio contact with the dispatch office will be established as soon as feasible after takeoff. If radio communications cannot be established the flight will be terminated until the problem is solved. After the initial contact, current position and direction of travel will be reported to the dispatch office at intervals not to exceed 15 minutes. At any time during flight there is a change in the direction of travel or unplanned deviation from the course, Dispatch will be notified. Position may be reported in relationship to geographical landmarks, or by latitude and longitude. Should the flight route transect the area of more than one dispatch office, communications will not be terminated with one dispatch prior to a positive communication link being established with the other. The radio frequency for transitional flight following will be: National Flight Following simplex 168.650 In areas where communications cannot be established on this frequency alternate frequencies may be used. Refer to the National Mobilization Guide for current guidelines on the use of Automated Flight Following Technology.

Lead Planes

The Great Basin has 2 lead planes based out of Ogden Utah. These lead plane pilots can be contacted directly when they are stationed in Ogden. A commit message must be sent within 10 minutes of dispatch.

Aerial Supervision Modules

When a lead plane and/or air-attack are ordered from Eastern Great Basin, BLM Aerial Supervision Modules may be substituted for either or both.

Air Tactical Aircraft

Air attack platforms may be ordered locally through USFS aircraft BPA’s and/or USDI Office of Aircraft Services. Severity orders must utilize the source list for the agency requesting the resource. Information on carded aircraft and pilots can be found at the following websites: http://www.fs.fed.us/fire/aviation/ http://www.oas.gov/Source/source.htm Aircraft Forms can be found at: h t t p : / / w w w . f s . f e d . u s / r 1 / f i r e / n r c c / M a s t e r _ A i r c r a f t _ F o r m s / a i r c r a f t _ f o r m s . h t m l

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