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NOTE: for the 2004 season Commercial Airtanker contracts have been cancelled. Rotation of Type 1 and Type 2 airtankers at tanker bases must follow fair and equitable use of federal contractors. Refer to the Airtanker Rotation Policy in the appendix for details. NUIFC Dispatchers may order airtankers directly from Hill Airtanker Base (HIF) when tankers are stationed there (unless under the control of a MAC Group). When no airtankers are available from HIF, orders for airtankers must be placed with the Eastern Great Basin Aircraft Desk. A resource order is required for all airtanker orders. Dispatchers must ensure they have correct frequencies and coordinates for the incident before placing the order. A lead plane is required for all non-initial attack qualified airtankers, all urban interface incidents, incidents in congested airspaces, and incidents where multiple aircraft are being utilized. Refer to the Great Basin Mobilization Guide for further direction on these requirements.

SEAT-Single Engine Airtankers- The BLM maintains a SEAT base at Tooele Valley Airport (Erda, Utah). The SEAT may be requested for incidents in the West Desert and surrounding areas. The SEAT has an effective range of about 60 miles. Beyond that, the time frame for load and return becomes inefficient. If requested a portable SEAT base may be placed to provide better response times.

MAFFS-Modular Airborne Firefighting Systems are sometimes stationed at HIF. These aircraft are operated by the military and are under the control of the Great Basin or National MAC Group. MAFFS are not initial attack qualified and must always be dispatched with a MAFFS qualified Lead Plane. MAFFS must return to their home base each evening and can only be reloaded by military personnel.

When MAFFS are stationed at HIF, the tanker base manager will request support equipment and supplies. Financial Codes for these orders will be assigned by Eastern Great Basin. AFFS-Aerial Fire Fighting Systems are military aircraft with the same specifications as commercial airtankers. These are relatively new so there are very few in the system. AFFS can reload at any base that supports commercial airtankers. AFFS are not initial attack qualified and must always be dispatched with a qualified Lead Plane Pilot.

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