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Volunteer Fire Departments-

Off Unit Assignments-The National Interagency Fire Center issued a letter in 2002 urging Volunteer Fire Departments to dispatch through the federal dispatch coordination system. If Fire Departments wish to be listed available for off unit assignment, NUIFC will assist through the Utah Wildland Engine Project Agreement (UWEP). This agreement partners local fire departments with the State of Utah Forestry Fire and State Lands. Forestry Fire and State Lands assist with bringing these resources up to NWCG standards for wildland fires and the fire departments can then assist with wildland fire suppression within and outside of the state as cooperators.

Initial Attack- Volunteer, county, or fire district resources are considered resources of the state by the Utah State-wide Cooperative Fire Management Agreement (section 8). Minimum billing thresholds do not apply to these resources unless agreed and documented otherwise (section 46, #2). Therefore, VFD’s can be compensated for their time for equipment and personnel of fire suppression resources on federal lands regardless of whether it is in the first 24 hours or not.

These departments are required to follow the same procedures as all other suppression resources.

  • 1.

    Check in with Northern Utah Interagency Fire Center to acquire an order number on a resource order card.

  • 2.

    Complete a Crew Time Report and/or Equipment Shift Ticket signed by the incident commander which verifies the hours worked for each individual assigned. This should be submitted to the appropriate County or State person with the billing to verify the hours and equipment used on the incident.

County 911 dispatch centers have been asked to notify NUIFC of any wildland fire dispatches within the dispatch zone so that NUIFC can make notification to responding federal resources and initiate resource orders required for payment of volunteer and fire district resources assisting with federal fires.

Compensation Procedures for Rural/Volunteer Fire Departments

Guidelines for determining compensation eligibility:

1) On fires occurring on Federal Land, the Federal Government will compensate VFD equipment/personnel through the Shift Ticket/CTR process.

Allowances and Conditions

    • A)

      Equipment inspections are not required.

    • B)

      The 24 hour rule does not apply.

    • C)

      Personnel must be Red Carded.

  • 2)

    On fires occurring on mixed jurisdiction, VFD compensation is variable.

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