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    came in, and he was also asked a similar question about what comes next, he said that the Security Council will have

    its views on that.  He was asked, well, what recommendations might he make, and he said that he would like to listen

    to the Council first.  So, I think first we would like to see agreement reached within the Council, an idea put forward for

    the Secretary-General to implement, and then we’d react to that.

          Question:  Was there any suggestion by Dr. Rice about a further role by the United Nations beyond

    humanitarian assistance?

          Spokesman:  That subject was discussed; at least they did put forward some ideas.  But we’re not prepared

    at this time to go public with what was said and it is a matter for the Council as a whole to make recommendations.

          Question:  Why does the Secretary-General feel the need to emphasize the need to maintain the territorial

    integrity of Iraq in this context?

          Spokesman:  Why do you say he’s failed to mention that when it was in his letter to the Council on the

    oil-for-food programme?

          Question:  Okay.

          Spokesman:  Yes, Mr. Abade?

          Question:  Fred, on that question, whenever the Secretary-General is asked a question about the

    administration of Iraq post-conflict, he shows very great caution.  Is that because he is aware that there may be

    disagreement among the members of the Council on this issue?

          Spokesman:  I don’t think he sees it as his role to define what the UN should be doing in post-war Iraq.  That’s

    a matter for the Security Council.  Should Council members ask him for his views, he’d be happy to provide them.

    But, as for now, he does not want to get out in front discussing something that the Council itself has not discussed in

    detail.  Yes, Michael?

          Question:  Fred, forgive me if you’ve gone over this already.  Could you tell us what of substance might have

    happened between the Secretary-General and the various heads of humanitarian agencies early today?

          Spokesman:  That is just taking place now.  We don’t expect any dramatic announcements after that

    meeting.  It’s mainly a consultation for the purpose of coordinating their work.  Should you wish to speak to any of the

    heads of the agencies or programmes who are here, we suggest you contact their New York offices to see if they’d be

    willing to speak to you.  But, I think they went in at

    11:45 a.m., and they must be going at least until 1 p.m., I believe.

          Question:  And also Fred, according to Central Command today, several of  the 10 missiles that the Iraqis

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