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    lobbed against Kuwait travelled beyond the

    150 kilometres limit set by the UN.  Is that something that the Secretary-General has expressed any interest in?  Is he

    talking to Dr. Hans Blix about this?  What, if any, interest has been expressed?

          Spokesman:  I think the first person that you should address that question to is Dr. Blix.  Whether he has any

    means of verifying that fact and then what, if anything, he would like to do about it once he gets his inspectors back on

    the ground.   Felicity?

          Question:  The oil-for-food programme that people are talking about.  The figure of $2.4 billion has been used

    for food and medical, immediate humanitarian goods in the pipeline.  It’s my understanding that among that is some

    wheat that the Australians were sending.  And the Australian Government has bought that wheat and now is donating

    it.  In other words, it’s just taking it out of that pipeline and donating to the United States to use as humanitarian aid.

    Is that happening with any other goods or food in the pipeline?

          Spokesman:  First I can’t confirm that that has happened.  Second, I don’t know whether that would be

    consistent with the oil-for food procedures or whether it could happen.  So, I’d have to talk to the oil-for-food people and

    get back to you; as well as your main question -- has anyone else tried to do it.  Yes?

          [He later said that any party may cancel a contract under oil-for-food up until delivery.  Australia has not

    cancelled any contracts nor have other suppliers.]

          Question:  Sir, on the oil-for-food programme, is there an expectation that a consensus is imminent and how

    critical is it to achieve a compromise or resolution within days, you know, weeks?  Can you give me a sense of timing?

          Spokesman:  I would refer you to what the Secretary-General said today after he had lunch yesterday with the

    representatives of the five permanent members of the Council.  He was impressed by their commitment to react

    quickly to meet the humanitarian needs in Iraq, and he predicted that there would be agreement within days, not

    weeks.  Yes?

          Question:  Who initiated the meeting between the Secretary-General and

    Dr. Rice?

          Spokesman:   The United States asked for that meeting.

          Question:  And do you know when they asked for that meeting?

          Spokesman:  The beginning of the prior week; because we were looking for a mutually convenient time through

    last week and then that couldn’t be arranged and so it slipped over to this week.  Yes, Mr. Abade?

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