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PWS AreaEx 04 – ESC Meeting Minutes for 29 September 2003

  • 2)

    Participant Initial Concerns

    • a)


Captain of the Port, Prince William Sound

  • Address Wildlife Rehabilitation Concerns;

  • Address issue of Port of Refuge in an advance TTX. Exercise applicability of international Port of Refuge matrix;

  • Address issues of training and working together;

  • Incident Management Team / Unified Command occur concurrently with all field deployments and test communications among these entities. This is a lesson learned from the State unannounced drill in June;

  • Staff key positions in the UC;

  • Incorporate input from other stakeholders and trustees throughout the Port.

District 17 (mor)

    • MHS-The trend is that Homeland Security (HS) be a part of all exercises in the future. If HS is to be a key component of the exercise, the option remains to request a Marine Safety and Security Team to mitigate any maritime terrorist threat. In a past Cruise Exercise, players sat through the HS portion of the exercise and provided input.

    • Logistics-Discuss availability of housing in Valdez during the late summer. This process can be discussed at the initial production meeting.

    • Alaska Incident Management System (AIMS)-Make exercise Alaska friendly. Ensure nomenclature is standardized. The exercise planning process will be used to harmonize idiosyncrasies of this system and of ICS, and to determine the level of strategy and tactics by all players.

    • Which command post will be used during the exercise? SERVS, ConocoPhillips, MSO?

    • Test transition process between SERVS & ConocoPhillips?

  • b)


Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

  • Exercise deployment of field equipment simultaneously while exercising the command post;

  • Build upon lessons learned from State Unannounced Exercise (June 2003);

  • Incorporate lessons learned from NPREP into PWS Sub Area Contingency Plan;

  • Exercise ARRT Draft on Dispersant Use;

  • Ground truth GRSs

  • Exercise control of the media in field operations and the command post;

  • Exercise ability to control over fisheries openers during an oil spill.

    • c)


ConocoPhillips / Polar Tankers

  • Cost of exercise (ConocoPhillips is also the key industry player in next year’s SONS exercise);

  • Time required to exercise objectives taking into account the number of personnel required to man Unified Command positions;

  • Participation of other agencies and it’s impact on the scenario & objectives;

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