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TURKISH JERUSALEM (1516-1917) - page 21 / 36





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Turkish Jerusalem (1516-1917)

Halife (Caliph of Muslims) Süleyman is referred to twice as Halife: (nr. 7) serir Halifet and in (nr. 31) who is ‘in word and truth the heir of the Caliphate’.

2.7.2 Titles used by Sultans after Sultan Süleyman

Hadim Harameyni Sherif ve hazal Masjid el Aqsa hamiy kibleteyn evvel 3 times by Sultan Mahmud II. (nrs. 45, 47, and 49) and by Sultan 1. Abdülaziz (nr. 56)

Halife (nr. 40) by Sultan Murad I. and by Abdülhamid II (nr. 58) Hailfetulazam and (nr. 59) Halifeti Islamiyye

2.8 Non Royal Inscriptions (Table 8) Table 8 is a list of other (Non Royal) inscriptions in and outside Jerusalem.

2.9 Other Tables Beside an index we have summarized most names that are mentioned in the inscriptions in tables.

Table 9 gives a list of names of Government officials and other notables whose names are mentioned in the inscriptions.

Table 10 gives a list of builders (executors) of buildings and edifices whose names are mentioned in the inscriptions.

Table 11 is a list of scribers of inscriptions that have inscribed their names and signatures in the inscriptions.

Table 13 is a general overview according to ruling Sultan of all the inscriptions edited in this book.

Table 14 is a list of inscriptions with an ebjed date. In our book there are 31 inscriptions with an Ebjed date.

Table 15 is a correlating list of inscription with numbers of Van Berchem and our catalogue.


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