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TURKISH JERUSALEM (1516-1917) - page 26 / 36





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Mehmet Tütüncü

Signature (of architect artisans) Religious Inscription (Quranic text )

3. Description. After the classification follows a description of the place of the inscription, and a description of the state of inscription in June 2004 and in January 2006, when I inspected the Jerusalem Inscriptions in situ. Moreover, all the inscriptions are marked by a plan of its site in the identification table Column 5.

4. Identification Table. After the description follows a table of 5/6 columns where the characteristics of inscription are summarized and the inscription is identified.

1st Column is our Catalogue number.

2nd Column is Van Berchems catalogue numbering.9 The publications of a few inscriptions, which are not in Van Berchem, are referred in the Bibliography Part after the table.

3rd column gives the size of the inscription in centimetres and the numbers of lines, if there is no measurement then this is left blank.

4th Column is the date of the inscription with the Islamic month (in figures) if that is possible. Date: 930(3)/1524 means first the Islamic (AH) date Rebi’ul-evvel (3rd Month) of the year 930 and after / sign is given the (AD) Christian equivalent date. Mostly dates of the inscriptions are written in letters or in figures but Ebjed date or combinations are also possible. We refer to the years with next signs..

9 The Great scholar Max van Berchem has collected the Inscriptions of Jerusalem during his visits in 1894 and 1906 which were published posthumously in his Corpus Inscriptuorum Arabicarum in the years 1925-1927. This work is unsurpassed and remains the reference work for studying the regions Islamic past His book is also our guide and it should be no surprise that his name occurs in nearly every page in our Book. He has left an immortal heritage. I refer to Van Berchems book in giving his catalogue numbering beside my own numbering.


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