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TURKISH JERUSALEM (1516-1917) - page 27 / 36





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Turkish Jerusalem (1516-1917)

Date with * is a date given only in Ebjed, Date with ** is a date given both in figures and in Ebjed. Date with a ? is a date which is indeterminate and which is not inscribed or which is damaged and could not be read surely.

5th Column The place where the inscription is located is marked here. We provide at the end of the book 3 maps to locate the

inscriptions. Map 1: Map 2: Map 3:

General map of Jerusalem Map of Citadel Map of Haram al-Sharif area

If the inscription is on the original place, Ɣ marker is used with the catalogue number inside it. If the inscription is lost or disappeared, Ÿ marker is used with inside the catalogue number giving the former place of the inscription.

6th. Column (optional) gives information about the Language of the inscription. Because overwhelming majority of inscriptions is in Arabic, I have used this column only if the inscription is in Turkish language.

5. Bibliography: After the identification, a short Bibliography is given. It describes where the inscription is previously described or published with exception of Van Berchems Corpus, which is fully referenced in the table.

6. Fig. Each inscription, where possible, is accompanied by a photographic reproduction. The photos were all taken in June 2004 and January 2006 by the author. If the inscription could not be reached or was/is lost and disappeared I have reproduced an older Photo. If the inscription was recently published, I refer to this publication’s illustration. In the cd-rom that is enclosed as an appendix to this book the original photo’s in colour can be consulted.

7. Text. After the tables follows the Text of the Inscription: First the Arabic or Turkish text of Inscription is given in Arab letters. Turkish texts are also given in a Turkish version in Latin alphabet


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